• Shopping list before you start

    In this article we go over the details of the most common things, which are required before you go ahead and build a robot. They are listed section wise with there usage and approximate prices. The following sections are there Soldering, Electronics, Framework and Computers.

    Soldering: Do not expect to build any robots without soldering (unless you get a ready made kit). So for this mainly 4 things are required
    ∑ Soldering Iron: Buy a decent good quality Iron which has replaceable head facility you will get them about Rs 60 +. (Donít go in for those cheap Rs 20 irons they wont last a month). Get a stand too for the iron ( this way you wont be burning the floor )
    ∑ Soldering wire: Buy a good quality (they have flux included) and a small roll donít buy cheap alternatives will come at about Rs 20 +.
    ∑ Solder flux and wick: Flux is required it allows you to make neat joints and improve the strength of the solder will cost about Rs 10. Wick is used for desoldering make it easy to desolder Rs 5 +.
    ∑ Desoldering Pump: Hmm Nice buy for about Rs 40 + not very useful though.

    Electronics: Robotics involves lots of electronics, to use and test these you need to have some basic items.
    ∑ Multi meter: Well they come in many varieties and shapes. Buying a decent digital multi meter will cost about Rs 150 +.
    ∑ Power supply: I recommend this you build at home will be a hell lot cheaper. SO youíll need a 1 A ( 12-0-12 ) transformer , 2 1N414 diodes , 1 LED and a 1k resistor and a capacitor will cost about Rs 60. You can also add a 7805 to this arrangement at about Rs 15 for the 7805.
    ∑ Bread board: Get this I donít need to tell why will cost about Rs 110.
    ∑ Wires: You will be needing two types mainly one for connecting ( ribbon wires ) and one for the Breadboard ( 1/23 )
    ∑ Wire Stripper: To strip and clip wires, buy a good quality one will cost about Rs 40 +.

    Framework: Getting the basic body built for your robot is a pain in the ass so here are a few things that will sooth the pain.
    ∑ Mechanix kit: Itís a toy actually, in which you can build models. Works well for robotics too. Buy the biggest, a 240 piece one will cost about Rs 500.
    ∑ Hand Drill: Get this comes in real handy when drilling holes and is cheap too will cost about Rs 40 +.
    ∑ Screw Drivers: Buy a set that includes Philips and a pointed one to punch holes will cost about Rs 60 +.
    ∑ Double sided tape and quick fix: These two are quite powerful adhesives will be able to stick together anything. Get these for about Rs 15 each.
    ∑ Glue Gun : Well this is heavily used in BEAM and is great for attaching things little expensive but lasts long ( Rs 200 + )
    ∑ Nuts and bolts: Get a decent sized set of bolts for Rs 20 + will last quite long.

    Computer add-ons: Well these things might be needed
    ∑ IO cards: If you can get these buy one, if something goes wrong you can replace the IO card.
    ∑ USB to Serial converter: As most programmers and communication is done though Serial port buy this also (Your other port might have a mouse /modem). They cost about Rs 400 / piece.
    ∑ Web cam: Not required actually but great for taking pictures and showing them to your friends. Also testing weather IR is working. Will cost about Rs 700 +.

    This is just a basic list if you would like to recommend something more use the forums or leave a comment.
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    1. jeetbuz's Avatar
      jeetbuz -
      do we need logic probe
    1. rao's Avatar
      rao -
      A multimeter is good enough... 1 is 5v 0 is 0v... moreover most of the multimeters now come with built in logic probes
    1. sudarshan's Avatar
      sudarshan -
      really got article for begineers i love it
    1. thamsg's Avatar
      thamsg -
      good ariticle ,since iam a begineer i like it
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