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Slaves to drive Robots !!

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Man has known to grow lazier, over the entire evolution phase. lazy - so how to do work??
Catch an animal and 'make' it do his job!!

This evolution of mans' laziness has seen all kinds of animals - smaller than and larger than man himself- put to use as his slave, to do his job at his bidding.

Then came the Machines. They did better than Man & his slave animals put together. Animal slaves were fast replaced by Machines in all walks of the Human race.
Is Man satisfied??


The present day Man isn't satisfied by his Slave Machines..... so, what else??

Simple!! find an Animal to drive the Machine!!!

The trends of Robotics at the moment is Bio-Mimetic, Bio-morphic, Neuromorphic systems, an attempt to use Animals as the model and their characteristic senses and species specific behaviour. Ultimately, as in recent times , the Brain of animals is being used to do some very useful work!!

So why waste my brain, trying to control a stupid Robot......?
Use these creatures, instead of treating them as pests and killing them !!!!

CockRoach controlled Robot

...& then , we have the Rat brain controlled Cyborg Navigator....

& then there is this Moth controlled Cyborg UAV.......

...& then ..... then Where Are WE???

...struggling to get a stupid LFR to follow a simple line?????

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  1. allbits's Avatar
    omg !!!
    creepy. world is moving faster than i thought it was !!!
  2. docel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by allbits
    omg !!!
    creepy. world is moving faster than i thought it was !!!
    Heh Heh!!!
    These 'creepy' things are teaching Man a thing or two about efficient Sensing and Locomotion methods!!
  3. ahnikhil's Avatar

    it is mind blowing .. i never expected that we can control the robot with the help of neurons .. it really really impressed me a lot . Especially the second video..
  4. shashankn's Avatar
    hi doc,

    I'm your old student shashank. Really a good blog.
    I loved this cyborg thing but i am not sure how they control it.
    Any idea shared about it would be really helpful.