DelFly II: The Robotic Spy Insect

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Did you ever imagine a tiny robotic insect spying on you? Well this could soon become a reality. Technical University of Delft has created DelFly II which is a flapping wing MAV (Micro Air Vehical). MAV is a class of UAV which is typically 15 cm in size.

The DelFly II from TU Delft is capable of flying based on a vision algorithm for navigation. It can bounce back easily after colliding with a wall and thats going to be a great advantage for this tiny robot. The delFly II navigation pretty much similar to that of real insects and uses simple moving patterns to determine the speed and direction. It is partly autonomous and partly under remote control. It has got a webcam onboard which delivers wireless video.

The DelFly II weighs just 3 grams and currently TU Delft is working on DelFly Nano which would weigh only 1.5 grams.

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