ARM9 Board I am making

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ARM9 board i am working on for professional learning setup ..
can take Real time linux , powerful with upgrade capabilities ..
Guys pics are here http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/5...dpcbrev202.jpg
I have got the PCBs made...

Fabrication is next . All i will update in my blog http://web-o-wikipedia.blogspot.com/...g-shape-1.html
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  1. avinash_g's Avatar

    Nice work. How many days it took to route the PCB? Which software you use for SMT PCB design?
  2. avinash_g's Avatar
    Also post a High RES photo of the PCB
  3. akshay66's Avatar
    Great work!!
  4. mehulsangekar's Avatar
    That is real cool. I had built one last year using STR912 from ST Micro. Which IC are you using for the Ethernet physical transceiver?
  5. AVnetics's Avatar
    i used a paid eagle , my client gave it to me. ...
    ethernet chip is KSZ8851, i hope .. as i work as consultant i mixup..
    the pcb is not open sourced! no high res full picture .. however i will offer the board at a minimal rate. soon ..
  6. praveen.gmessys's Avatar
    AVnetics. Please get in touch with me. I wish to talk regarding your this project.