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The tale of two students.

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I sometimes Hate my job, and sometimes love it. Not that I have a job worth mentioning, but sometimes I love it because I am my own boss. i can drop into my office in my shorts and bathroom slippers and no one will dare ask a question. I can sleep off all day on my table, download music and play minesweeper. But I hate it, when I have to work.

I hate it more, when those impossible students comes in.

I used to guide student projects along with my other work. Well, that is easy money, to be very frank. Even though the forums are against these people who 'rip students off', there is another side to the story.

That was another fine evening years back. I love the rain, the best part of it, it makes me lazy. While I was listening to this music and laying down easy on my chair, with my legs crossed on the table, and this glass of wine hidden behind the chair, one of the trainee knocks.

"Someone is to see you"
"I am busy!!" "Didnt I ask you not to disturb when I work"??

Well she knows about my 'work.' I had to give in, and so these two guys came in.
I hate that stupid smile.

So they wanted to participate in Techfest @ IIT Mumbai, and the competition was 'vertical limit'

I said I can guide, but they will have to build the robot, and that they can use the lab.
They seem to be very excited. It was as if they have won already. And I am very selective in taking these projects, and I didnt like something in them.
So I charged 18K for the guidance, hoping they will drop it.

To my annoyance, they agreed.

As expected, they never turned up. They paid the advance, and came back a couple of weeks before the event, and wanted the robot!!
As expected.

So I made this small bot, with hardly any electronics, spend time overnight, and well. I was happy the robot was fast.
It climbed the metal wall in 4 seconds flat. The rest was with them, as they need to practice. They had a best practice time of about 10 seconds for the entire circuit, If i remember it right.

I gave them the two cell Lipo, and the charger, on the condition that They will return them. More over, another batch was competing at robowars, they too needed the charger.

The rest is history.
they would have won hands down with ten seconds practice time. They wanted faster times, so they ripped the robo, trying to get better speed, but didnt know how to put it back., that too hours before the competition.

So, they had two pieces of my favourite robo, at the drop test.
And when I got the charger, it was burned beyond recognition. -- They connected 230VAC to the two pins which says max 13V.

I got the money alright.
But I always used to think.. I should have charged 25k. This is not my first, second, nor third experience.
I always overcharge dumb students. Its a pain to handle them. Real pain.

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  1. rao's Avatar
    We should totally put money together and make an "anti- 3- idiots" movie just for the kicks.
  2. medampudi's Avatar
    Good One ... Might be a lot of pointers for some one like me just entering into the 'guidance program' --- will surely see this will take its place in my memory... thanks...
  3. vikas's Avatar
    I think you could have made 25k easy , i hope those guys learnt their lesson.
  4. docel's Avatar
    ....some guys NEVER learn.... no matter how much you 'tell' them.

    It is NOT that they cant learn- just that they refuse to learn.

    I'm game for the "anti- 3 -idiots' movie !!!
  5. avinash_g's Avatar
    Good one, you have well explained your feelings!

    I too face many such impossible guys. But I am NOT in guidance business. But selling technical products is also some time as much the pain!