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FIRA CUP 2010, Bangalore

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So, I came down for the event, mostly curious. The published dates were 15-19, with the competitions starting on 17th. The FIRA congress was held on the 15th and 16th, I guess.

I turned up only for the 'free' event, the Competitions.

please check out the fira website for the details and rules of the competitions. -

Day -1 - 17 Sept 2010.

I walked in late on the first day of the event, (blame it on my graceful sleep) so I missed the mirosots in action. I was a bit disappointed to see the congested hall where the Androsot competition was going on. The crowd level was far less, less than most of the college events i have been to. The androsots were in action, and they were doing good. Out of the six teams expected to participate, 4 of them turned up, and the only indian team registered for the androsot event, from A SET, with Diwakar vaish as the participant, didnt turn up. So we had teams from Taiwan, Korea and china for the event.

The robots were good, but the arena was a bit too congested. I was asked to move out of the place, as a normal visitor was allowed only to watch for 5 minutes. I didnot understand that part, I did not see a very long queue either, but I went on, to see the Hurocup events.

Another small hall, for an event of this magnitude. The lift and carry events was going on. I could see Acyut, the Indian participation, and it looked impressive, at its size. It is a large scale robot, and no other robot turned up in its class for the Huro cup events. The lift and carry events looked interesting, there were some good robots, but I did expect more robots to participate. Interestingly, most of them used dynamixels, unlike many previous competitions in humanoids (NOT FIRA - this is the first FIRA event I attended)where most of them used to have the popular HSR series.

Acyut tried at the lift and carry, but could not balance. Not surprisingly, because of the size. He also coudnt do well at the weightlifting, but they have one more round to go, on 18th. But I must say, very impressive robot, at its size.

Again, came the volunteer, and asked me and many others watching, to leave. I tried to explain to him, and somehow talked him to let me stay.
That was strange, because this was my first experience of this kind, at an international level, that a visitor was asked to leave because others are waiting. And I could not see 'that much of others' either.

The basketball event was good, and that was the only event worth watching, on day one. The Taiwanese teams did well in picking up the ball (Read: the Orange Table tennis ball) and throwing from a distance to basket the ball.

Remember, all the robots are fully autonomous.
The last event was the climbing event, and the most a robot could climb was 5 cm.

General impression on first day -

Participation - 7/10
Organizing - 6/10
Robot technology and performance on an average - 7/10
Overall - 7/10.

I would not say guys from the north Missed the event live. But If you are in Bangalore, and if robots are your passion, and especially if you are a student, I think you should have a look, dont expect a good welcome as a general visitor, but drop in to see the robots from other colleges/countries, as you might not have the Chinese or the Koreans or the Taiwanese with their robots in India, in the near future.

(Day 2 To be continued, soon)
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  1. vikas's Avatar
    Looks like i did not miss anything , nor i was expecting. And with such hostile hosts ... i would simply never bother going either.
  2. docel's Avatar
    FIRA is just a joke.... they don't seem too enthusiastic about Indian participation.

    Looks like you simply wasted your time there, Allbits, in spite of my prediction of this very state of affairs !

    Next year, you wont see even this much participation. it is just an advt gimmick to sell 1000s of $$ worth of Robots to unsuspecting individuals and groups. I wonder: did you SEE Liu there, by any chance??? or any one of the manus & genus original designers from the NUS ?
    The Diwaker vaish story is in line with the Fira claims- just a lot of gas.

    Wonder... how did IEEE get conned by this conference/ event ??
    World cup ?
    Indeed !! If they advertise and say visitors allowed, then I don't see why they must be so secretive.
    Updated 09-21-2010 at 09:29 AM by docel
  3. pratheek's Avatar
    Even I had the same horrible experience, one that I was not expecting from an international competition.

    It was clearly an ad gimmick by the organizers who were selling soccer robots of 1.5 Lakhs and humanoids for 4.5 Lakhs in one of their stalls.

    I have attended many local competitions that were a lot better than FIRA in terms of participant's enthusiasm, knowledge and event organization.