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FIRA CUP 2010, Bangalore, Days 2 and 3

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Surprisingly, I was not too keen to be early for the second day, as the event was not visitor friendly. I pulled in at about afternoon, and the main attractions of the day was the Penalty kicks and the sprint events.

The sprint event saw a UK competition, PLYMOUTH DRAKES, and UofM Humanoids from Canada. The later was the the large category, and was a bit bigger than Acyut.

The UK guys won the heats, of round 1, about 9 seconds shy of world record, If i remember it right. The team used a bioloid framework. Very few teams finished the race, and it was disappointing, as all they had to do is walk straight and back.

In the large scale race, the Canadian guys were competing with Acyut, and Acyut won hands down, though it fell down a couple of times. The other robot had a problem with the gait, i didnt move much, but I would say we will see more of that robot in the future.

The Penalty kick events were a bit boring as the goalie was static - He wont move. All the robot had to do was to kick the balls to the right or to the left.

The second round of Basket ball event was as interesting as the first day, and I did not wait for the climbing event.
Day two went a bit better than day two, but i would give the same rating for the second day. At the end of the day, as I checked the score sheet, I could see Acyut made up for the unlucky first day, as they scored at the weight lifting event. Good work, and I can imagine the amount of work you guys have put on it.

Day 3 - 19 Sept 2010.
We were not let in at all initially, so we were a bit discouraged and spent the time outside, chatting away the time. The finals of the Mirosot events was good, and the team from Slovakia Won an exciting game. Also, at the lift and carry event, one of the robots did extremely well, carrying upto about 12 AA sized batteries.

We spent most of the time outside near the snack bar, occasionally gazing at the small LCD screen, which showed the events live. Unfortunately, there was no sound, and we had lost all the interest by then. We had a look at the marathon event, and to end up, we took the photograph of the score cards, and surprisingly, an arrow pointing to Acyut said 'New World Record' !!
I missed that, Not surprisingly.
Any acyut Team members reading this, do share what I have missed.

Also, I could not see the Indian participation on the Mirosot events, Although I could see the guys. Mostly because We were not let in. If any of those guys are reading this, do write a blog as to your experience, I wished I could see your performance, but unfortunately I could not.

I came back by afternoon, not waiting for the event to finish.
I will be uploading the videos in the Media @ RI, after editing. Excuse me for the quality, I do not own an expensive Handy cam.
As for the photographs, and the final score sheet, I have no clue how to show it here, as I dont see a link to add picture. Admins, Help!!

Overall, well..
I would say, on the positive side -

--> Not so bad international participation.
--> Met the minimum expectation
--> Great chance for the students to see humanoids live.
--> The referee for the Hurosot events was active, had a sense of humour, and was one of the best I have seen. Good Work, dude!

On the negative Side -
--> Bad choice of Venue.
--> Bad organising, and very congested venue. I Still cannot understand why, a bigger hall was not chosen. !! Even With all those huge sponsorship money, the event looked as if it was running on a shoestring budget.
--> The most visitor - unfriendly event. We were asked, most of the times, to pass by. The guys kept on nagging from behind, and we lost whatever interest we had in watching.

If i put it in one word - It was disappointing.
May be, the expectations was a bit too high.

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  1. san_88's Avatar
    Hi, I was the captain of the IIT Kharagpur Mirosot team. We ended up being the only Indian team I guess to participate in Mirosot (and the first I guess). We were up against Slovakia (world champs) and lost 17-0 (malaysia lost 11-1 to them). We did havea few setbacks due to damaged hardware but overall we were toe to toe in all the other hardware and software. our camera beign appreciably slower than the Slovakians, was the bottleneck, which we wil be fiing and hope to hit back next year in China! our blog will be put up shortly with some of our tragic shortcomings
  2. allbits's Avatar
    Yes, I saw the video of the finals, the Slovakians were a bit too good.
    Its good to see Indian participation, and I dont think it is 'tragic' as you say, as this was your first participation at this level.
    Good luck for next time.
  3. docel's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of it San_88 !! but a great commendable job indeed by you guys from IIT Kgp ! We wish you the best for your China event and am sure you'll win there and else where too !!
    I was expecting a sure win for the Acyut guys too, but then they seem to have had some bad luck. They have a good Humanoid and have put in a lot of effort. We wish Team Acyut the best of luck in their forth coming events and hope to see more wins !!