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Singapore Robotic Games -2011.

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Jan 25, 26, 27 - At Science Center, Singapore.

I reached there just in time for the opening ceremony. There was a quite decent crowd turn out on the first day, mostly students from various polytechnics from Singapore. Also, this year had good participation from schools/colleges from Indonesia and Malaysia.

For those who dont know, the Singapore Robotic Games are held annually, and is organised in cooperation with IEEE Robotics an Automation Society Singapore Chapter, by various Institutions in Singapore. There are 17 Events to compete, and most of them are open events, except where ever mentioned.

But many rules are set to change next year, like they are going to have half size micromouse next year, rather than the classic one.

The first day morning session was crowded, with The open category, The Autonomous Sumo, The underwater Robot competition and the Robot colony competitions.

I missed some entries in the Open event and autonomous Sumo event as I was busy filming the robot colony event, (Which I also had an entry but had to retire early because of sensor issues due to as-usual-last-minute-preparations and my inherent laziness ) But when I came back, I was impressed by the acrobatic Bobby - A self balanced bicycle. It can ride fast, ride up ramps, avoids obstacle, and this and that. Impressive.

There is one thing I like about SRG - The technology. Some of the robots are cutting edge, and are arguably the best in the world. Like - Min7.2, the micromouse, which did not have any tough competition here, and did a fast run below 5 seconds. It was a pleasure to watch Ng Beng Kiat and his robot at work, and he has been winning the All Japan event frequently as well. I guess the all Japan event is the biggest it can get, with the active participation of Kato san, Ng Beng kiat, Nakashima san and David otten. Micromouse is getting half - size next year @SRG, and is getting tougher every year. I would have loved to see the microtracer event at SRG, but i think they will stick to the 17 event agenda.

Then, there is the Intelligent robot event. Well, you need a good combination of image processing/obstacle detection techniques and a solid algorithm along with a robust mechanism to make a decent looking robot here. I was a bit sad to see a clone here for the ABC robot, which won hands down last time. This is something I hate to see at SRG.. a lot of clones. I avoided the legged robot race, because it was boring to watch the same robot over and over again. But a look at the construction and speed of the robot will give you an idea of the immense time and effort put behind it for making them... they are faster than most of the wheeled robots !!

There was something fresh with the wall climber event - unlike the last two or three years, where we had the same robots competing, this year some of the competitors introduced some new robots. Eventhough many of them failed, It was interesting and exciting to see some new outlook and technologies coming up. Here too, most of the robots were clones, and were developed years before by respective colleges/poly techniques, and enhanced each year. So, the students who bring the robots have not made them actually, but might have made enhancements in algorithm, or sensors. That, is the case with almost all events.

For the competition rules - look here.
I have uploaded some of the pictures here -

I shall soon be uploading the videos in the media library.
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  1. vikas's Avatar
    Lucky you , wish i was also there ...

    Will make this entry front page with the new system in place after some days.

    We need faster robots in India ... :| ... maybe should write something on how to build them .... hmm
  2. harshil5481's Avatar
    Sir, plz tell me of the best places from where I can do my summer internship for embedded and robotics courses......
    And also the various recognized certification courses and workshops that i can attend....
    Thank U ...
  3. Naveenkumar's Avatar
    Hi Sir, I want to create a robot dog as my pet you have any suggestions. pls replay me.
    Thank you