Latest advancements Multiterrain locomotion - Gallileo Wheel

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The latest innovation in multi terrain locomotion the Galileo wheel can be used as tank treads when needed to conquer rough terrain and sacrifice efficiency/speed but can run as normal wheels and provided the needed speed and acceleration under normal conditions. It will possibly be a help to robots than need to transverse both types of terrain and yet be efficient on both without loosing efficiency. Watch the video at


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    It would be better if there is a embed option when posting the video could be viewed on this page only!
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    Sorry for the late reply, but if you notice, there is a button for embedding youtube and other videos with your post right next to the picture button. Here is a trial with the button. (Just a random video, unrelated.)

    In anycase, the embed code would be:
    [video = youtube ; the-part-after-watch?v= ] link-to-the-video [/ video]
    Hope this helps.

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