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Micromouse event @ NIT Trichy

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Our annual tech fest Pragyan is back with a bang this time with more promising events, lectures and workshops. We look forward to your participation in Pragyan from February 25 to 28, 2010.

Pragyan'10 is based on a theme of futuristic technologies. With guest lectures by eminent speakers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Disaster & Risk Management, and workshops on Hexapod Robotics, Ethical hacking and 3D photography Pragyan'10 has just got bigger and better. Log on to for further details.

I would like to introduce you to the event, MICROMOUSE:

This is the challenge for you. Solve a 16x16 maze with an atomomus bot imparting your path finding knowledge to it. Show off your skills in robotics by developing an autonomous robot capable to navigating the maze to the finish and take away your glory. Are you up for the ultimate robotics challenge?


For futher information check Micromouse at Robovigyan, Pragyan'10

Robovigyan has more,

Crop Circle - Line Follower with a twist!
Snakes and Ladder - Image Processing Robot competition
and more.....

Benzun Pious Wisely, 3rd yr ECE
Rahul Ashok, 3rd yr EEE
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  1. vikas's Avatar
    Do post some videos and pics of how it goes.