Inputs for Lowest Cost Linux Board Possible

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We at RoboticsIndia(@baseapp) are planning a new project to work on , like the title says the lowest cost breadboard friendly linux Core board.

The whole idea is to put the full BOM + Fab under < USD 25 at say 100x quantity.

Rasperry pi is great , but i cannot duplicate it or ship it inside my product to a client. BGA is not cheap.

So the Ideas is to make a low cost mbed like board which can run linux and the user can put inside product or develop on a breadboard using it.

For component selection we have selected the following for now
MCU : i.mx233 ( cheapest linux QFP ) : 6USD
MISC : 3 USD ( SD Connector + other misc stuff )
Tot : 20 USD + MFG

If anyone is interested we would welcome your inputs. Helping us cut costs or work with us making it see light of day.
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  1. puneetverma24's Avatar
    Great project .Now What is the status of your project.

    i like to work with you ?
    But i don't know much about linux boards & its working.
    Updated 04-06-2012 at 08:26 AM by puneetverma24
  2. vikas's Avatar
    You can check , it has already been booted and PCB's are ready.
  3. vinodstanur's Avatar
    hope U have seen the "WORST LINUX on an 8 bit AVR" in ;-)
    Updated 04-19-2012 at 12:31 AM by vinodstanur
  4. lolman_returns's Avatar
    @vinod: Worst linux? You realize the conceptual boundaries this guy has shattered right?
  5. vinodstanur's Avatar
    I simply called it "worst".... ;-)
    have a look at this link:
  6. vinodstanur's Avatar
    I simply called it "worst".... ;-)
    have a look at this link:
  7. shakerobo's Avatar
    Great work........looking forward to it's developments.