How the schticky can be used for cleaning a go!

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The rust appears on chrome faucets removed by rubbing with half a wheel. Cal stains dissolve in vinegar, for that soak a cotton ball and place it on the stain for half an hour.
To clear a clogged shower control by lime rub with a toothbrush, or use the schticky if you truly can be blocked for a few hours immersed in a mixture of hot water and vinegar.
To save work in clearing the fittings can rub with a cloth soaked in glycerin, the glycerin layer will leave bright and prevent them are remains of lime water.
To prevent condensation that forms on the mirrors rub with a soft, lint with a little shampoo or liquid soap and let dry.
The mirrors will be much brighter and iridescence avoided if cleaned with a mixture of vinegar or alcohol with water and rub with newspaper.
The white spots can be disguised by painting with silver glitter the mirror in the back.
The cold coffee grounds are used to remove small blockages in pipes after flushing them out should be plenty of hot water.
To easily end up with bad odors from the bathroom just light a match, if the odor coming from the pipes is dissolved yeast bread with water, let stand overnight and morning poured a bucket of boiling water salt down the drain.
With moisture staining of mold on the curtains is inevitable. To remove rub with a sponge dampened with diluted bleach utilize then a schticky.
If they resist stains, the shade is better to soak in a bleach solution (25 ml of bleach per quart of warm water), rinsed well and hung still wet. You can delay the onset of mold hanging a bag of silica crystals or washing curtains with salt water and hanging them unclear.
The shower screens are cleaned by rubbing with a toothbrush and soapy water with vinegar.
It should be cleaned with abrasive or bleach as they may spoil. The product yellowish spots of standing water is removed by sprinkling salt, add hot vinegar and rubbing gently.
For the glaze is shiny showers and baths and eliminate the water leaves stains should be rubbed with a lemon cut in half. If the coating has started to yellow color can restore wiping with a sponge soaked in turpentine and salt, let stand for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of hot soapy water.
Try to clean the kitchen every time you use it, if you have at hand a sponge or damp cloth then wiping can go while cooking.
From time to do a thorough cleaning, remove the removable parts (burners and metal hoops) and wash with hot soapy water. Use detergents on creamy surface to prevent scratching.
You can keep the burners clean by wiping them with a brush or wire wool.
Cleaning the glass ceramic cooking takes less effort, light soil that has stuck is easily cleaned with damp, dirt and bonded should be cleaned with specific products for degreasing hobs and polish without scratching.

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