Robot Operating System ( ROS ) and Indian made robot

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Robot Operating System is a completely Open Source software framework that provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. The development of ROS from its start has been exponential, all over the world top Robotics research institutes uses ROS for there research works.
watch this video: - ROS: Three years, showing development of ROS in its first 3 years and robots using ROS.

Implementing ROS with Robots give lots of option for a researcher to make Robotics project quickly and easily on a common platform. Now in India if we forget about IIT's there are no option available for students to implement ROS on real Hardware. And getting into IIT's is not any easy task. Because Robots that come with ROS support are very costly. (Rs 1,00,000+) and are imported from outside India.

What i am trying to do is implementing ROS with an Indian made robot SparkV manufactured by nex-robotics. You can see two videos of me in first i am controlling the robot using Android phone's accelerometer and in second video i am controlling it by voice commands every thing is in ROS. And that was not so difficult once sparkV programmed with the hex file that i have posted, every controlling is in ROS, no need of burning code in SparkV again !.
Here are the videos :

Link for tutorial : http://playwithrobots.com/working-on-robots/sparkv
Now i have a question Does any one knows a Robotics company in India selling there products with support of Open source software ( ROS or other) or working on ROS for there research?

PS: i am not from nex-robotics, SparkV is the only robot that i have. If anyone wants to implement ROS with a Robot big or small i am here for help. If anybody know more do share and please correct me if i am wrong.
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