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Latest trends in Robotics

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The other month I was immersed in Robotics for The experts.

Today, Robots are invading the realms of Technology - realms where Man is personally involved as the primary benefactor.

Medical Robots:
Surgical Robots- 1

Robotics is not just LFRs & Grid navigators. The Pick'n'Place Robots of yesteryears have evolved into Remote operated Micro-surgeons.....

Surgical Robots and Robotics techniques are fast replacing in-house surgeons by facilitating the same Surgeons to operate on a patient 'anywhere' in the world, from wherever the surgeon is at that moment. This is an astounding miracle of Robotics- no more waiting to aggregate a group of expert surgeons around the Surgery table- they can supervise and successfully conduct Surgery from anywhere !!

While the present generation of Medical Robots are expensive, they are fast approaching affordability due to increased interest and installations around the world. There have been significant reduction in Cost of these robotic systems and should reduce further in the future.

The recent advances in Medical Robots is due to the perfect blend of Mechatronics, Electronics, Physics, Embedded systems , Computer science and Software; the result is Robotics & Autonomous sytems , Intelligent systems etc., that have brought Robots from the long restricted Automobile industry into the wide user areas ranging from complex Surgery to ones own kitchen.

Robotic-assisted Surgery Shows Promise for Thyroid Cancer Patients | EmpowHer - Women's Health Online

There are numerous techniques that have hit the headlines before that we have missed. The blend of precision Mechatronics, Automation & intelligent systems have paved the way for some very serious and helpfull Robots. These Robots can not only replace the Physician, but can also release a lot of para-medical staff from menial jobs to other important and beneficial work.

TeleRobots Are here to help out patients that otherwise hold up an expert Physician at the bedside. The same physician will be assisted by come quite complex, state-of-the-art robots, no matter where he is personally at the moment. It could be 1000s of Kms away , for that matter, but he can always interact to jis Robot assistant almost 24/7.

This is an emergent field. It will be the most lucrative career in day to come...

ANY takers???


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