Robo Soccer-Your chance to build the ultimate scoring machine!!

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ROBOLYMPIX’10 is a national level robotics fest organised annually by SRM University. It has got plenty of events under the domain of manual and autonomous robotics. One such event is:

This event requires the participants to build two manually controlled (wired/wireless) robots which would compete against each other in a game of soccer. It’s your chance to build a bot to give the likes of Messi a run for his money!
General Rules
• Each team is required to construct 2 robots.
• The maximum number of participants in a team is 4.
• Each member must produce a valid ID card of his/her respective institution. However students from different institutions can form a team.

Match Rules

• The usual rules of soccer apply. A foul shall be called in case of
o Deliberate obstruction of the opponent robot.
o Touching the opponent’s robot when both of the robots aren't controlling the ball.
o The ball is held for more than 3 seconds.
o In case of a deadlock (50-50 chance for both the teams) the game would be resumed from the centre.
o The Goal keeper is restricted to move beyond the half line.
• The robots may not hold the ball while moving. Dribbler mechanisms can be used, however the ball must have at least one direction for free motion.
• The ball can be dribbled and hit from any part of the robot.
• Even own goals are counted.
• The dimension of both the bots should remain the same at any point of the game.
• Only two members of a team would be allowed to control the bots during the event.
• Each team can call for a timeout of duration of maximum 1 minute for a technical snag if so it arises.

Bot and Arena Specifications and requirements(General)

• Both wired and wireless bots are allowed however only the striker has the option of being wireless. The keeper has to be a wired bot.
• Each bot is allowed a maximum of 12V supply.
• Dimensions: Max 20*20*20cm3 (for both striker and keeper)
• The maximum weight allowed for two bots is 2.5 Kg each.

• Each team is awarded points based on the formula:
50*G - 30*O -5*F where, G is the number of goals scored by your bot. F is the number of fouls. O is the number of self goals.

1. Mahesh Ramchandra-9962087935
2. Amanpreet Singh-9790868795
3. N.Thanigasalam -9884190523
For further details, log on to:
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