Rakesh Shastri

Novice Robot Programmer?.. Interested in offline Programming..?

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Well with RobotStudio You can...


Step1. Download RobotStudio, Its free of cost for downloding and the demo version Runs upto a month,

Well this is a heavy executionla file, So takes time to be download,

Step2. Install RobotStudio
Alright!!!! I've done it Now what????

Step3. You need training!!!!.. Click the link to get free training
Basic ---- http://www.abb.com/product/ap/seitp3...7004e1b0e.aspx

Advanced--- http://www.abb.com/product/ap/seitp3...7005a5498.aspx

Wish to download 3D models, Programmable files?

Here you go-- http://www.abb.com/product/ap/seitp3...5002fe91f.aspx

Step 4--- Enjoy Programming
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  1. MGear's Avatar
    Wow this is very exciting ! Had been looking for such a virtual studio for robots for some time. Thanks a lot for bringing this up!
    And BTW is it possible design your own bot instead of using the preinstalled botarms ?
  2. lolman_returns's Avatar
    I find Webots much easier and WAY more powerful.
  3. Rakesh Shastri's Avatar
    @mgear Ah I regret this is not possible with ABB RobotStudio, However as RobotStudio is used in Industrial Applications, with a versatile product range available with ABB, you can use any of the available preinstalled Robots for various Industrial applications
  4. vigyanabikshu's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your valuable information