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    Hi...This is Pranesh from NITT...We guys are plannin to build a miniature hovercraft...could somebody help me out with technical in the power source suitable for driving the fans,the way to control it..etc etc....Also is it possible for us to build the device without any one helping us from outside..?

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    Hello Pranesh,
    Well, earlier this year I saw one hovercraft at TRIs stall at IIT techfest. It was made out of thermocol sheets and was driven by 1+2 motors. I think the photo is self explanatory.Maybe you can contact them for further help.
    Their design looks very easy to build.

    Hope this helps,
    Mohit Bhoite

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    Default hovercraft design

    Hey...Thanks for the help....will get back to you guys in case of any technical assistance....Thanks a load...!!

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