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Thread: i-sha - innovative step in hotel automation

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    Default i-sha - innovative step in hotel automation

    Here is a commercial design idea

    The robot specs are

    The robot is designed to have applications in major chain of hotels and fancy offices. The programmable robot is intended to replace the waiters in a hotel or conference room. There will be one control desk (desktop or laptop computer) provided by us from where robot can be controlled. The robot will largely work independently, except for some directions to be given by the control desk. In this document we will be explaining the functioning of the robot, its benefits and its various features.

    complete detailed report :

    Please suggest ideas , problems and also weather it will sell or not .

    Please give serious advice and comment only after reading the document attached .

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    Default Nice...

    Dude ! Nice thread you've started....

    I want to know if the same format is to be followed to put up another suggestion like the same ?

    And how do you go about making the diagram ?

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    Default My opinion

    Who doesn't like getting served but, by a robot let me see..

    The concept looks very interesting, getting served by shiny metal bots. Could be a big boom for the hotel industry as I am confident just the thought of robots will make people come and stay longer. With its efficiency these robots could save a lot of money for the hotels as now they would not have to pay human waiters. But one begins to wonder will it be so.

    I mean we as humans we long for that human tough. Who would not like to be served by a young, good looking waiter/waitress than a inanimate object without a "smile". Will the robot be able to suggest a new customer as to what’s good, new and makes the dish special and should be tried. And what if the customer wants something that’s not on the menu then what, will it be smart enough as to make a suggestion of its closest substitute to the customers.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to say that the idea is bad. I am a marketing student and its just what I think about it.

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    well vikas,
    a cool idea. well, i wud like to suggest one more thing.
    i think, there sud be at least one hand attached to the robot. in case, it has to bring something from somewhere. like say..... some body asks for a particular type of drink, all the things can not be there at the tray.... it will go n bring that from a predefined position.... or from another machine.... that wud communicate with this one and supply it the required thing.
    it sud have a hand to carry something from one person to another in a conference. or to carry something like a projector etc.
    what do u say..... however the idea is cool.
    well for mr subzero....
    i wud like to tell that, people r already bored with those good looking waiters/waitress.... n most people find robots cute... 8)
    other things like the problems that u have raised can be very easily handeled by one robot. it can perform better than a human. well, most people do not have such wild choices that do not exist in the menu. in such a case a human waiter can be called in n i am unsure if he/she can help....
    Subhasis Behera
    If you are not living on the EDGE, then you are wasting space...

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    Default OK let's see!

    The idea for automated hotel is quiet interesting and is feasible too. But i would like to suggest a few things

    ingenium said : i think, there sud be at least one hand attached to the robot. in case, it has to bring something from somewhere.
    The idea for having an arm attached is good, that will make it better.
    Another thing is , the robot must be more interactive and user friendly.for eg it must be able to speak what it wants the user to do. Some people may not make out why the lights are blinking.
    The solution suggested for condition 2 dosen't seem to be very user friendly. It must be like the robot must ask "May I go now ,Sir ?"

    And now about whether the product will sell or not- The product will hit if it fulfills the requirements and the cost factor is low.

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    Default help

    how to poll ??

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    Ajay Kaushik

    Default My comments

    Hi People ,

    Here is what i feel and would like to see gunjan's , subzero's and Vikas's comments on my clarifications.

    Lets be practical in the sense" we allknow human touch is always good in hospitality business". But I really feel that if this robot is cheap may be around $10000, and the operating cost is low, which would include servicing and charging of robot batteries, so max around $100 a month. Usually in most of the europian and US hotels a waitor gets paid on an average around $2000. So even if the robot is reliable enough for 2 years i think hoteliers will think logically about its utility, RIGHT subzero??

    Regarding the menu and orders the orders can always be given by a wireless touch pad ( may be present on every table). Rest as far as something is not there on the menu is concerned then 90% of the cream hotels refuse to give you the same directly or you may have to cough out a lot of money.

    Regarding the suggestion of an extra hand.First i would like to tell you all that the pink transparent space on the robot below the main tray is a freezer with some space, so that the robot can carry some bottles or cans etc. And I feel that with the extra hand, the robot will loose its compactness on cost of lesser utility.

    I wouls surely like the idea of a small DSP on board with a speaker saying some message.

    So your suggestions please !!!!!!!!!

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    Default Hi


    Well ... Its a nice idea to have robots in Hotel , but if we think practically this idea is not feasible at present or in near future reasons being :

    1) Todays robots are not having enough capabilities to understand a users instructions with 100 % accuracy user might have to repeat his sentence or change his accent to instruct the robot ...and we must remember that people go in hotels to enjoy and have fun .. and not to mess with these fancy gizmos ...So ..this may irritate the customer and a hotel may loose its customers in a long run.

    2) If we consider the cost factor ...It again signals towards the infesability of this project hotel may have to spend a lot upgrading the firmware and bug fixes ( which will alwayz be there ) and this does not includes the maintenance cost !

    3) Just having a four wheeled machine which can say hello by its onboard DSP or doing some fancy stuff ... is this robotics ??? or ordering by a wireless menu card .... and getting served by a dumb colourful moving platform cum refrigerator ... Is this robotics ???

    Any comments ??

    This was my opinion . I apologize if someone gets hurt !!

    Thanks and regards

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    Default Great thing buddy

    Hi all,

    I am not very new to robotics,as I am a graduate from BITS pilani. But as far as i think, this should be a real good, hit. I am doing my MBA from ISB Hyderabad, and really feel that this can be the fresh air in hotels( which they really need) and can be real cool for visitors. I saw the photo/picture it seemed to be real cool, Who made it?? I guess Vikas!! Its a real great idea vikas i suggest you go ahead and makeone, I know quite a few hoteliers,i shall surely tell this idea to them.

    By the way Is it a Voice controlled robot, cos i do not see that anywhere in the pdf file!!!!!!! As far as I see, it seems to be working on very simple call and thankyou button principle and i do not feel that it can be irritating to people. Its an innovation and small stuff should not matter. Somebody may someday comment that, waiters loosing their jobs,will start striking, or may start disturbing your life,Will you listen to them?? Go on man, this will be a great new stuff.

    As far as Kaushik's costing is concerned,I really feel this will work great in internatinal markets even in India it can be a god hit in top hotels. But is it feasible to make such robots at that cost vikas????? You are the designer you should know??

    And really Vikas if you can make this robot, let it be a four wheeled vehicle or anything, i am sure it will be the first robot ever to enter our lives, and be of some real use to us. Hey.......You can actually mass produce it and become a millionare.

    Anyway enough fun. but i am sure one of such ideas one day can make a permanent place of robot in normal human's life.

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    Great idea man.. Go on with this :-) Good Luck !!

    Just having a four wheeled machine which can say hello by its onboard DSP or doing some fancy stuff ... is this robotics ??? or ordering by a wireless menu card .... and getting served by a dumb colourful moving platform cum refrigerator ... Is this robotics ???
    Could you pls clarify this.. How do you define a robot then??



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