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Thread: i-sha - innovative step in hotel automation

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    Nobody calls anyone names.....unless he stands above. This is called etiquette.
    He also got stuck in the "unreasonable , uncalled for and wholly unsolicited, not to forget : Untimely, unaware and uncouth behaviour .....Forum or otherwise!!!
    There is what is called etiquette as well as discipline.....
    People cant talk just because they have an opening at the top forward position!!!

    All okay about freedom of speech and all that Quasar, but please dont ask me to condone an inexperienced unfinisher and unattained to call names /mal-categorise (if i can coin the terms) people without provocation, invitation or acceptance.
    Quasar, you are not involved in the list of the denigrated ( dont see your name in this thread, lucky you!!) but it rankles when some incompetant upstart calls people "immature" and " riding on air". I would accept this from people like petroda, unnikrish, etc,. :wink:
    People have the right to dream and have ambitions; it is their prerogative. Pulkit said, before and now, what he believes in. It has its place in the constructive context.

    ...People live in glass houses dont throw stones....!

    This guy surfaces out of nowhere, has no profile to talk about, no great-shake achievements/name/references/identity and has the audacity to call people 'names'. Either he justifies his stand or apologises to the Fora for the uncalled for sully on several peoples reputations/ status/well-being and peace of mind!!!
    Quasar, you are a senior member, so please do a rethink and re-evaluate the encumberances, from and to date of this thread and the personal rights of the thread' participants before commiting yourself.
    This is my personal request to you!

    The thread already moved in the wrong direction with the recent untiimely irrelevent and incompetent post by a mistuned poster!!!
    This guy is here to fight, with the primary delusion s of grandeur; I intend to show this guy that this is NOt ebay market place of barter and sale!!!
    I would like to retune it back by clamping the overmodulated hormonic spurious responses from the center band.
    I request the admin to keep the thread open!

    This Forum is automatically on the search keys of most search engines. I have posted this monologue with the complete understanding that it will answer the search for Rishi Resonanceshah, by anyone, including his anticipated prospectives.
    Just do a search for the name in 2 days and see!!!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by resonanceshah
    Mannnnnnnn ,

    Never knew my comments would be so hurting to u`ll. Sorry docel if ur sentiments and ego were hurt so badly. U really seem to be desperate to find out bout me cuz ur searching for me on kirupa shows it. Anyways a few pointers.
    No sentiments or ego. Just irritation. I was 'desperate' to know who the hell this guy was who talks so much. You had no profile to speak of and your statements about Websites was a challenge. Someone PMed me the search and I logged in again as docel at kirupa.

    1. Aint it a lil lame to think that some engineers graduation would be stuck bcuz he could not do some animation in macromedia flash which is supposed to be a web animation tool. Personally i have never come across any engineer who has his graduation in flash.
    [quote:from kirupa]
    I owuld really appreciate if you could help me out on this project. I need help from the pathfinding point onwards. The algorithm doesnt need to find the best path or anything. Just something which can conect the start point to end point avoiding the obstacles and also going only in the horizontal and vertical direction. Help of any kind would be greatly appreciated as my graduation is stuck because of this problem.[/quote]

    That was YOUR thread, YOUR post and YOUR claim at kirupa.
    Not mine.
    (And quite fast edited by you today, I see!....)

    2. This site is not supposed to be only for UGs. Its a robotic comunity. I had come here to share knowledge (probably went in the wrong direction) and not disparage ppl.
    You did understand, at last?
    The guys on that thread were UGs at that time. Most, not all. You posted on a 1.6 year old thread without giving thought to the relevance. Nor did you care for the etiquette.
    Sharing knowledge is an art. You dont antagonise people while doing so. I suggest that you fine tune that art before indulging in advise.
    The post was wrong and was inflammatory. You have no right to comment on people like that, without invitation or provocation!

    3. I presumed the ppl on the community to be real robot enthusiasts with knowledge enough to share with other ppl. The way u guys are concerned that this site opens up on any robot search, u should also realize the extent of damage that could be possible because of u ppl trying to sell unworkable ideas to companies out of india just to be revolutionaries. Failure of projects of such magnitudes casts a dark shadow for a lot of ppl in the community.
    No you didnt!! Your first mistake was to look at the 'community' as inferior to your high sounding experience/brag.

    The world is not eBay in general or in particular. The dark shadows are the concern of the respective people. i dont think you are an authority on these commercial issues, nor is it necessary for you to be worried about it..
    You dont know thjese people, I do. AND naming people and slurring on their integrity, in their absence is NOT condoned by me. Nor by anybody else.

    3. Asking for help is the first step towards becoming proficient. I am not saying that i have dropped from the sky or have some major knowledge. There are ppl who have done much much more amazing work here in india than what i can dream of. But an entire community supporting some ideas which probably are completely non-workable is not impressive. Probably ppl in the forum are offended at my mention of immaturity. But lemme tell u....all my major work has been in industrial automation/ work in autonomous robots is extremely insignificant compared to the work being done. But i expect any person with even a slight practical knowledge of robotics to know the difficulties faced before a robot because of odometry errors, mechanical limitations etc. Ppl are boasting here of projects in robotics but are not even considering the basic problems faced by mobile robots.
    The 'entire community' as you put it, consists of some handful of students fired up on a project. Non -workability is a phantom : you never know till you reach out.
    Whether they are offended or not is not the question. The question is about the tone and tenor of the comments.
    Most of these guys are quite profficient and capable of a lot of things, thank you. Your grasp of the situation is questionable. You dont know anyone here: what makes you think otherwise?

    But anyways if u really are offended then i withdraw my statements. Hope the forum takes shape in the right direction soon.
    Your apology does not sound sincere. But I will accept , with reservations.
    If it is true and honest ( upon your conscience ) then consider it reciprocated, in like fashion.

    The Forum has and will take its direction by the dictates of necessity.

    You are welcome here anytime, if you can be a true and caring friend!!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Pulkit dude,

    I respect you a lot, I have been following your work, taking guidance from you, looking at your resume as a landmark..

    As far as my post was concerned, that was the backfire for the irritating way this new member suddenly comes up and tries to prove that anyone who dares to dream is immature.. dude, according to me , not many concieve ideas by going through a lot of textbooks or by piling up degrees. Even the president of India ( though I am not a great fan of his myself) says that a person should sleep well so that they can dream. And this new guy sounds as if he thinks that he president is lame as well.

    This post was started to ask suggestions if this idea would work, whoever said that this was a prototype and would be launched soon?? Shah, go through pulkit's suggestions on first page.. he had stated that the idea is illogical then..look at the way he has done it.. he didnt use derogatory comments, he did not call is about the way you use your language..

    As far as me taking noise in the other sense is related, guess what, I am just a grad as I was unable to decipher the "technicality" behind the word.

    This forum was not started because we were all knowing and wanted to teach others.. but because we knew a little and wanted to "share with" and "learn from" others who are interested or are working with this field.

    Finally , Mr.Shah.. as said in spiderman (:P) "With great power comes great responsibility".. you can help a lot of people by sharing.. so , kindly understand the motive of the page and share your knowledge with us instead of making fun of us or calling us names.


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    Sep 2004


    Hey Rao ..

    I never meant to hurt anyone ..
    I apologise personally ,if u or someone got hurt from my comments !

    Comment from Mr. Shah were inappropriate both in terms of content and way they were put here.

    I think nuf time and resources have been wasted on this thread.
    If admin could lock this thread,it would be fine.As a newbee who will read this thread will get a wrong impression about the members here.

    and yeah .. chillax Docel ...

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    Senior Member Cyborg
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    Sep 2004


    There is nothing nice about posting on a thread with flames -

    But this is for information of the technically inclined and interested -

    There was an AAAI contest about a serving robot few years ago, and following is the link -

    (look for Robot Host contest)

    The present AAAI contest details -

    " To get working ideas effectively, I try to fail as fast as I can. "
    Richard Feynman

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    I agree with you shah on most of the things that you have said. I was the one to suggest the idea of the arm onboard. I agree that implementing an autonomous 4 or 5 dof robotic arm in this system will be quite challenging.

    Dr. Borenstein has tried to make one such system names nursing bot. these kind of systems will be highly expensive and is suitable mainly for military purposes right now.

    Even if it is made, such an expensie system to replace waiters in hotels will not be quite reasonable.
    Subhasis Behera
    If you are not living on the EDGE, then you are wasting space...

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