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Thread: Query on Unipolar stepper motor ULN

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    Default Query on Unipolar stepper motor ULN

    hi Ri
    I have purchased a unipolar stepper motor (5 wires) with following details written on it
    TYpe KP93HM2-S07A 1.8 deg/ STEP 0,16A/PhaseJapan ServoCo.Ltd
    and was purchased from "Om electronics bangalore" .He said this operate at 6v and can drive 20kg.
    I actually searched the net for the datasheet could not find any details of this motor
    • 1)Can anyone provide me some link where i can get some insight of the operating voltage or datasheet of this motor
      2) Is there any driving IC for this, if its ULN then please tell me the part no and from which shop in Bangalore can i procure it from, since i have enquired ULN for this motor and it wasnt there in many shops
      3)Any other driving circuitry there if i cannot find the IC
      4)Can you provide me some link to get a proper insight of programming it with parllel port as i am working with the motor for the first time

    Hoping to get a positive response from you soon
    Thanking you ,

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    First see the current ratings of the stepper, then i can tell whether u can use uln.

    I bought unipolar motor from mumbai which has 24v/600mA ratings and I used uln for that.

    see this
    Here is the parallel port code is available in my parallel port or robotics book. download it from yahoo group-booksbybibin

    Bibin John

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    hi Yogi,
    The current rating as on the motor is
    and i think this is what u r asking and actually planned to put the photo of it but it wasnt clear from mobile. There is no voltage rating given on it.For referance i am providing the info thats there on the label on the motor.
    • TYPE KP39HM2-S07A
      1.8DEG/STEP 0.16/PHASE
      NO 3Z18
    I will download the book that u have given link and go through it now.
    • IS there any ways i will be able to know the voltage rating?
      If this is the current rating i am planning to control it using the Atmega8 so can u suggest me the ULN and if possible where in bang can i find it ?

    Thanks yogi for the reply and waiting eagerly for the next reply

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    search the manufacturer for the datasheet.
    try to interface with uln. MOstly it will work

    Bibin John

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    thanks for the reply and i would like to know any specific ULN part that i can buy and the datasheet for motor i tried a lot but could not get it.
    is there place in bangalore where any of u bought a motor driving ic


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    yours must be almost the same. Check the coil resistance. must be from 50 ohms to 80 ohms.

    Use ohms law. if the resistance is 70 ohms, V = I*R = .16*70 approx 12V!!
    you can calculate the resistance if the motor was designed for 6 V.

    did he mean 20Kgcm? 8O not sure if this one can!! what do you guys say?

    ULNs... 2003,2004,2803.....etc etc. they all give you 500mA. available everywhere.

    so get them, just get started...
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    Hi Ri,
    thanks allbits for the informative suggestion i have checked the resistance comes up to 77 ohms/coil . this gets me to

    • V=IR
      V=12.32 volts
    this gets me 12v this gets me out of my first query
    and u have also given me the ULN that is availible locally and costs Rs 8
    this gets me out of every query that i had regarding the motor thanks allbits,yogi for ur information Now think i will run the motor soon and when i start moving i will definately post the experiance

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