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    Default Stepper motor controller


    i am new to robotics, i want to know the name stepper motor controller ic
    and where i can get it. i am from kerala

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    Go for ULN 2003 / ULN 2008 , they are the cheapest ones ( cost -10 rs )
    they are available everywhere !!

    Thanks and regards

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    Default specs of motor

    Hi Smicky,

    There are more then 20-30 Steppermotor controllers which are available in market. The factors which decide which one to select depends on type motor and application.
    Here is a small digest.
    You have to see the current and voltage ratings of your stepper motor. You also need to see its Back emf constant. Then you multiply the current and voltage ratings of motor with 1.x ( where x is back emf constant) and then select the stepper motor driver whose ratings match with your calculated ratings.

    Other factors which decide are whether you want current sense circuit in the IC or not.
    Also you need to see whether its a bipolar or unipolar motor driver. Depending on your application you need to see whether it has to synchronise with some other process or not, also how many inputs can you afford to give to motor controller circuit. Heat dessipation is also a factor.

    You tell us all this and I shall tell you which IC to use

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    try UCN 5804....however it's a bit costly but it's very gud and very simple 2 handle....only thing is that it can only be used with a unipolar steeper motor okie.....

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