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    Default 9 way switch


    I recently purchased a 9way switch. and I am not getting how should I use it. It's got a number of pins and i can't figure out its structure.

    --- * * *---
    * --------- *
    ----* * *----
    +:joystick type small handle
    This is how the pins are placed. Its like a joystick(really small).It can go fwd,bkwd,left,right,fwd-lft,fwd-rt,bkd-lft,bkt-right,and can be pressed downwards.I hope you got the thing.
    What should I do??
    Please help!!

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    Default hi

    i think i know this one.
    from where did you buy it? can u post a pic ? by any chance is it green in colour? is it spring loaded?

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    its not green.I bought it from everest sales corp..
    Its grey in colour.
    its shape as seen from above is hexagonal with each side 0.7cm.
    has a 0.8 cm small stick which is vertical at the center.

    This stick can be pushed forward,backward,left,right,forward-left,forwad right,bakward left,bacward right.and vertically downward

    the stick's base remains at the center.

    It has 1 pin in the north,one in south. i.e. along |
    Two in fwd-right,2 in bkd-left. i.e. along / direction
    3 in fwd-left and 3 in bkd-right. i.e.along \ direction
    its thickness is about 1cm.

    I am not getting its picture anywhere.Its really small.

    Pleease hellp,hellp!

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