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Thread: Help needed to build Robotic Punching Machine

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    Default Help needed to build Robotic Punching Machine

    HI every one

    I need to build a robotic Strip punching machine. The machine should be capable to punch holes of 6mm dia at pre defined distance in an aluminium strip of size 18mm width x 2 mm thick . The length of the strip can vary between 300mm upto 1800mm.

    is it possible that machine pulls one strip at a time from a stack of strips.(just like printer pulls one paper at a time), then the machine measures the length of strip, and punch holes as per the strip length. As the maximum strip length is just 1800 mm, we can create a database for various sizes of strips and program the controller to punch holes if the size of strip matches the database.

    I have the facility to build the machine but i need help is the matters like, controller, stepper motors, automatic sizing, programming etc.

    Awaiting for some early responses.

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    There is a thread active on my Yahoo group about+
    Just have a look. Ask if any difficulties?!
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    This kind of work can be done.

    But nobody can give you a complete HowTo document for your project.
    you need to put the questions properly, like
    what kind of motors can be used for this much of load ?
    what controllers are good ?

    OR best meet some people like Venky(docel) who got expereince in Robotics, and Automation.

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