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Thread: Parallel ports in wiindows xp

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    ice, u said that u are able use the parallel ports in xp??
    What compiler do you use?And how do you open i/o ports?

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    I have never used the Porttalk util given on but I suggest you get it from there only, and not any other source.

    but i hope..
    while measuring the voltages on port, you are-
    measuring them "before" pressing the key (while the getch in your code waits for your key-press) and not after the program ends.
    --just thought maybe the windows takes the control back after the program ends and resets the port.
    dont know what these complicated OSes do.

    if thats the case:
    i am sorry i cant help you more than this, and can only think what Gerry has suggested. Is your port working ??
    hope u havent applied any voltages to it and blown it.

    hmm..i stopped using parallel ports since i dont know when...and those were the good days of Dos6 to win95.

    cheers & goodluck!
    " To get working ideas effectively, I try to fail as fast as I can. "
    Richard Feynman

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    U know ,life would be much easier if you could run ur stuff on a 98 harm in trying on XP..

    First ::
    Please check if ur port is workin....get hold of a printer .
    That will clear our first doubt.
    I said inputs in my previous post...
    I wanted to see if ur port is receiving at least..give a 4.5V to one of the input pins.

    dload the above file [lpt.exe].It's a monitor..REMEMBER to ground your circuit to the ppt.

    I use 98 to run my interfacing apps.The parallel port Tutorial that i wrote has a program for the inputs..try it out.
    Keep us posted..This is a kewl thread .Makes us rack our brains.

    hey vivek...ur sig homepage isn't in html..will be better for clicking if u make it clickable.
    //Gerry []

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    ai u can do interfacing in XP

    I have posted it on this site see it in programming section

    for parallel port see my tutorials, get it from

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    Default please help me..

    Please help me about understanding the effect of this test:
    if (getch()==0x00) getch();
    I don't understand wath does mean 0x00 and the role of function getch() combinated with 0x00.

    please email me at
    Thank you...

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    getch() gets a character (from file or keyboard, i am not sure)

    0xhh -- here 'hh' is the hexadecimal number and 0x before any number indicates that, that number is hexadecimal number.

    if (getch()==0x00) getch();
    in the above line, it checks whether the character read is equal to 00 in hexadecimal format. if yes get another character.


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    tell which language u want to do????

    If you want to do in C/C++/Java
    u have to install

    U can download it from Yahoo gp-parallelport(install by instructions from file pforu)

    In VB,VC there are readymade dll's to do it, u can get it from tutorials here

    Bibin John

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    Hello All

    I am using Porttalk22 and its working ok. But driver is unable to clear data buffer and so next data is not coming on 0x378. So please tell me how to clear buffer of that driver. help me please its urgent.

    Thanks in Advance

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