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Thread: Working of joystick

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    i guess you are planning to drive a rear wheel drive car, by replacing the steering column with a joystick..

    its only required you have left and right control. the accelerator will be replaced by some button on your joystick..

    you would not need front and back control of your joystick, as there is no front/back control for your steering wheel.

    connect the joystick to ADC, and controller out to the actuator which will drive the wheels left and right..

    or if its that you want to replace the entire driving mechanism
    (breaks, gears, acc, clutch etc..) its a different story...
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    you've it right now. there is no need to replace the whole driving mechanism. only the steering needs to be replaced. are there any problems that you can visualise if i try to design a car which is joystick controlled....

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    Default joystick

    Quadriplegic Wheel-chairs are Joystick driven. The Quadriplegic drives the the wheel chair by manipulating the joystick with his mouth. There is one such Wheel chair that travels at 80KmPH in Bangalore...(Cost=$100,000)

    Also Stephen Hawking

    It is possible to drive a car or any multipoint drive vehicle using a single joystick. A Simple joystick has 4 switches @ N, S, E and W directions. The Joystick handle is a ball-pivot that can press on any 1 (N,S,E,W) or 2 switches simultaneously (NE, NW,SE, SW).
    It is much easier and smooth using a PCM or PWM drive through 2 Pots perpendicular to each other. 1 pot is fixed to the body (N, S movement). The body of the 2nd pot is fixed to this pot shaft at 90deg. The stick is fixed to the shaft of the second pot. Now the stick can move the 1st pot in N, S., and the 2nd pot in E, W directions.
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