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    Default Workshop in bangalore


    Wishing every one a very happy new year.

    Docel, we have scheduled a workshop in Bangalore on Feb 10th 2007. Honeywell is helping us out in conducting the session over there. I need your feedback regarding the date of the session considering the expected turnout, the academin scenario in schools and junior colleges and the possible ways of passing the information on to various schools over there.

    We are coming up with our first round of publicity within a week in which we shall be mailing the publicity material to around 800 schools across the nation.

    Please drop in your suggestions regarding this.


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    Hello First!
    1. Please post the details of your workshop.
    2. The schools here have had enough of workshops and the exorbitant Fees charged by Appin, Triindia etc., expected, with the IIT level of teaching at the school / college level 8O 8O
    3. The Timing is wrong: most schools are on "exam" mode and have shut their doors to activities. ( Jan is the last working month!!!)
    4. You have not specified who and which organisation is conducting these Workshops. Honeywell and other (Read The Hindu archives) have left a bad taste behind at the schools, in the name of "Robotics". No matter what the Papers say, which is just a report submitted to them by the organisers, is that the sessions are "too high" and impractical- beyond the understanding of School Kids. Honeywell, as you have mentioned and others have demonstrated LEGO Mindstorms here abouts. I cant afford the Mindstorms myself (>15k), so what great Demo was this??? And RCX which calls for a PC...( a Rayban to the Blind....???).

    Please get down to ground zero and cater to the kids, whether school or college, else it will be meaningless and of vested interests. Any demo / sessions from you will invariably involve costs to the Students as well as the Schools ( I dont think you will do a Free job ???). This may become ( it already has) a deterrant to the Students/Schools/Parents interests in Robotics. The general idea is that Robotics= expensive= not feasible!!!

    I am sorry, but you asked for my feedback. This is the story that i have gathered , even with my offer of a FREE workshop/demo at the Schools. If this is the case here, then you can draw your own conclusions.

    Honeywell employees' contribution for general school education is commendable, but.....they should get down to the School level. Only then will their contrbution be of any meaning or purpose. ( LEGO mindstorms in a Govt. School, where students dont know english nor the meaning of money doesnt qualify this. ) All thuis when IIT competitions BAN LEGO!!!
    This is all very well, as far as NEWS reports and / or School managements are concerned. But Who has asked the students about their opinion?....and the consequent interest/disinterest??? I had a chat with the student participants.......! Well- they just blinked, trying to recollect WHAT it is that THEY did!!!
    Engg. Students are struggling to PROGRAM controllers , as evident here, on this Forum. Imagine the afternmath of such workshops at the school level!!! ( Govt. school students CANNOT afford ANYTHING!). Nor can a lot of college students!
    A Demo of unreachable high funda means nothing, unless it results in somethingthat the kids can continue with further!!

    I support any event that will encourage and court the maximimum participation from the Students, from a sample cross section of the student population. Unfortunately, all competitions / Events nowadays are cycnically and sadistically designed to "discourage" maximum participation, with their devious Problem statements and rules of high-standard, uncomprehensive and wholly discouraging Rules. ( Rules that mean like: ...rules can be changed at any time before, during or after individual bouts...without prior the judges discretion...etc.,). I have even witnessed these being successfully implemented!
    The costs involved are a burden to the students-parents combine. A trip to Delhi or Mumbai , Food/ accomodastion etc., will, in the least, average 500INR per day/ student.
    (I have a date with Students of ALL levels and walks of living: Education!! My concern is for the benefit of the students, complementing their learning curve and provoking their self-interest in the higher sciences. Please try to cater to the larger interests of the students/parents aspirations)

    I have charted out a FREE program for Govt. School srudents, where I am trying for Sponsors for the costs of material, travel and other things. I have sponsored several students , in my personal capacity and limit.

    Please let me know , if you can contribute anything in this regard.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    FIRST EVER NATIONAL JUNIOR ROBOTICS CHAMPIONSHIP - TRICKS 2007 is finally here to be held on April 29th at IIT Bombay. Teams from all across the nation are actively participating.

    The registrations for the championship are still on. For details on problem statement and registration log on to

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    Dear first,
    I read these posts that have been posted under the discussion. Well, we are happy about the efforts you have taken to motivate the kids. As already discussed, there should be some offer for kids located beyond bangalore!
    Even engg students have a notion that robots are just those which have two legs and two hands and they walk! I was happy that you people from IITB conducted prelims at some colleges in Maharashtra for the techfest.
    I think you can conduct the prelims in some more colleges like NIT Trichy etc so that students get an exposure to see things. When it comes to kids, I hope you are aware of the fact that there aren't too many hobby shops in South. So some solution may be offered to this problem.
    Moreover a contest in Chennai would attract more crowds and kids would take active part in such contests when they enter college life!

    Am I right?

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    Default experience

    Hi there

    hey guys, i'm anurag, a 10th grade(going to 11) student from bangalore. those interested in the US FIRST league competitions, let me tell you that it is very difficult although it's a fantastic event worth participating in, whether you do well or not.
    i was part of the first time indian entry into the competition held in atlanta, georgia and it's simply unbelievable. we also did win one of the technical category awards.
    recently, 2 months back, i had won the indian robotics olympiad held by techtronics all over the country. i went to Japan to participate in the World Robotics Olympiad and scored 80 percentile among all teams, we were better than the japanese and koreans.

    i also did a diploma course in basic electronics when I was in 7th grade.

    If you guys need any help regarding Lego Mindstorms or Vex Robotics, you can contact me. I'm willing to train, say a group of 40-50 kids this summer on the very basic fundamentals of robotics/electronics.
    Most of the time, high-school level representation of teams from india at world robotics competitions aren't that great. Students have to be trained better, and I'm willing to do that. contact me on

    thanks & regards,

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    Is it true that Techtronics gives you the code for the RCX??
    A lot of BAngalore School kids were talking about it, a few months ago.

    Besides, LEGO sutff is not allowed anywhere in any International Robotics event, except their own.

    It is better to concentrate on the majority Competitions rather than LEGO, which is limited on scope and participation.

    The focus and the intent of Competitions is to propagate and test ones ability to MAKE something on their OWN. Construction is the theme as teh Problem statements are meant to be Design parameters that expect the participant to make a working model from scratch.

    LEGO was meant to be a toy for 9 - 11 yr old kids.......
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default i guess start teaching school kids by.......

    Hi guys......Lots of heated kids cant be taught about stepper motors....microcontrolers.....H bridges......understand that I was a smart kid at school(I have been in electronics for 15-18yrs) I made projects using LM555 when I was in 7-8th grade. Though times have changed and kids are tech savy but still you cant explain a kid how transistors work or how FETs work..........I think practically speaking kids can be taught about robotics using simple concepts like relays switches...Lm555 timer ...bread board...ldrs ...small carged gear motors( motor in sheet metal cages with nylon gears cost around 30-35 Rs) ...simple robots like those climbing rope (by wraping a thread on a drum or so ) etc should be fine and simple enough to begin with.....there are plenty of books on LM555 timer based toys which can do something for making a robot say sensing light or darkness using ldr and 555 timer.....bistable states which can make motors turn clockwise and anti clockwise using double pole relays........
    making a robot go foward backward........

    what say guys.......any suggetions....

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