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Thread: SMD Reflow station

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    hi !!

    Just stumbled upon this thread while looking for smd soldering

    any update? Did you make that hot air blower or not?

    you recommended vartech stuff on this thread. have you got any personal experience with it? I am planning to get myself one reflow station for some smd work. Any suggestions about what other vendors are available in b'lore ?

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    hi guys, I have constructed a reflow system using old baking oven, from info gathered off the net, I am new at this and would like to where can I get solder paste, I have searched around my place in goa , and also banglore , but all I get is solder flux in liquid and paste form.
    Could the professionals help me with this, and explain the method of reflow and what all is required. I know from the information on the net, what is reflow, but am I correct in thinking that there is paste with solder in it and only thins has to be applied to the board and the component is placed on this and put in the oven for reflow.
    Please help me, I am stuck with SMD component with the connection below the component and not at the side, like in most on the components.

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