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Thread: wireless camera... suggestions

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    Default wireless camera... suggestions

    hey im kinda new in2 robotics...plannin 2 do a projct wit a wireless cam on da robot dat sends images 2 a computer suggestions on wat i cud use...i cheked the internet but most cameras were above 60$...nethin cheaper dat wud serve the purpose????

    appreciate da help!!!

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    Well, if you wanna get into robotics you'll have to chip in some money definitely! Depend on what purpose you want to get "served". For vision purposes, you can use a webcam which can cost as low as 7$, but ofcourse it won't be of much use because of poor image quality etc.

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    k....guess il be more specific den....

    im tryin 2 mount a camera on a small robot..a quadpod...not all dat big, so it wont b able 2 support very heavy or big cams, im usin other sensors for distance sensing

    so the small camera is basically for continuously sendin images to a computer as the robot moves for us to shud be wireless...not connected to the computer via USB or nethin...only connections shud b 2 da freely movin robot. resolution i guess around 1 megapixel will b gud enuf.
    1 optional feature i was thinkin of addin was where i could control the camera 2 take stil pics wen i wanted 4m da comp....however dis is not cumpolsary

    ne suggestions on how 2 go abt dis...whether i cud put sum USB port on da robot n den transmit or sumthin...or ne other way dat wudnt b so expensive and can b done 4m chennai

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    Hi Humanoid,

    imo you may want to implement following separately and then integrate them together to make your robot.
    1. Interfacing camera to uC.
    Unless you get a camera with I2C interface (which in my opinion will be not be available easily) you will have to go
    with webcams with USB interfaces. Refer
    Depending on the type of camera you choose, you will need to write a interface driver to allow uC to communicated with camera.

    For interfacing the camera to your microcontroller you will also need a camera driver. This driver will know what all registers need to be programmed to get something done with the camera and will use the camera interface driver for communication with the camera.

    USB interface can be achieved using AVR2313 (refer or you can use a transceiver chip from atmel/microchip etc. Atmel & microchip also have uC with onchip USB transceivers. I am not sure about the availability of the USB transceiver chips in India.

    For Camera driver you may want to take a look at open source implementations onlinux and most probably will be able to hack a working driver from there.

    2. Establishing comm. between uC and PC through wireless link
    You can use RF ics from Micrel ( or Linx ( . I guess micrel will be available in India at decent prices for a MoQ of few pieces.
    Normally the RF ics from Micrel, Linx will give you a baud rate of 19000 bps max.
    This is less for continuous picture transmission of say (1 Mp).
    One option will be to use the wireless link for taking snapshot and then uploading it to main computer through wireless link.
    You will find lot of application notes on the respective sites describing these chips interface to the uC but your main challenge will be debugging & trouble shooting RF signals. Make sure you have access to a CRO.

    3. Bringing up the uC and Interfacing motors to the uC.
    I guess this will be the most easier part of the 3 i mentioned. You can find lot of info in this regard on forums at roboticsindia.
    I suggest you use AVR uC and go in following steps:
    a. Make a parallel port programmer (avrdude or pony prog).
    Can be developed under 50/-. All you need is a parallel port connector (Rs 5-10/-) + buffer like 74ls244 (Rs 10-20/-).
    b. Assemble basic board and get UART working on it. Getting UART up early on will make your life easier while debugging. Only cost will be a prototype board of around Rs 25/- and uC chip (cost vary between 100/- to 500/- depending upon the uC).
    c. Checkout motor interfaces using L293D (Rs 90/- ) and ULN2003A (around Rs 10/- ). You may want to use a stepper motor for rotating your camera and servo/dc motor for robot movement.

    Hope this helps in getting you started!!!

    PS : All prices mentioned approx figures for B'lore.

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    > suggestions on wat i cud use
    You sure could use some keyboard skills. If you have a poor typing speed, and therefore have to resort to shorts like "dat", "wud", "cud", "4m" to save time, you could download some software from the net that improves your keyboard speed. You may also need a spell checker to help you write clear and understandable posts.

    Mohit Mahajan.

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    Default Wireless Cam

    Hmmm... try visiting or

    Good cameras don't come cheap.

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    Default go away

    And i really dunno what's buggin this mohit guy...if he can't understand he should probably shut the f@k up. No one cares if your spelling or grammar is rite as long as one is able to communicate. No one trying to talk to you. If itz that hard to decipher then how come three others replied.

    TIP: If u can't help becos u cant read or can only read grammatically correct queens english plz go away. :evil: :evil:

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    Hey wizardjack and Asimov. Thanks for the reply. I checked the links given. I'll decide which to implement and get back here if I have any other doubts. Thanks again.

    And Mohit Mahajan, I have tried my best to improve my typing and grammer in this post. Hopefully, one day I'll be as good as you. Any other valuable suggestions and advice from you will be greatly appreciated.

    n Asimov...u rock dude:-)

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    and asimov, pls dont swear...
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    Well asimov.. As far as I know.. this forum is not for people who swear.. So I would politely ask you to never swear again..

    Even though I am the cause of 60% of all flame wars here on forums.. but still I never used or seen others using amazing courteous words like "f@k"..

    Mind atleast your language if not the grammar


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