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Thread: Idea !!! - Online course ( advanced )

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    Default Idea !!! - Online course ( advanced )


    I dont know if u guys read Scientific america or not , but there was an article on The Next Big thing - Robotics by who else other than Bill gates. Its says how robotics is like what computers were in 1970 ( hobbyist , beginning and big ones (aka mainframes) with major companies ).

    Microso$t has recently come up with Robotics Studio which I think is on the same lines as BASIC (which they came up in 1970) , hence they are looking forward into havin a major presence in this field too.

    That was just an into too what the aricle said. Now for my Idea,Its nothing big but quite simple -

    I was thinking of forming courseware for an advanced course on robotics , using open courses availble from universities like MIT , CMU etc.Something like an MS in robotics( just an example ) but which u can do at home as 99% of guys will never go ahead with the MS cause of diffrent reasons.

    The Idea is to make something usable, availible and trackable like some of the online degrees which you see Adds of. At the end of the course you wil have a deeper understanding and a lot more knowledge to build bigger and better Robots ( if you want too ).

    Just an Idea from my wandring Mind , what do you guys think ???

    Vikas Patial

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    Default Good Idea - Just one suggestion

    Yeah, idea is simple but effective as the reach of the course will be round the globe.

    One suggestion, we can have a section where new project can be introduced every MONTH in three categories as follows

    1. Beginners Level: Not really as name suggests, this section can involve projects involving fundamentals, basic designs for usability and feature demonstration of various components available, tips and tricks (this thing is really popular as this prove to be very helpful), and other things like write-ups and project reports of smaller projects.
    2. Medium/Expert Level: This can include projects at the level of engineering colleges. I will not go much into this.
    3. Practical Implementation Level: This is another crucial level. Any project that has been or that can be implemented for say industrial purpose or like things can be discussed here. Point is, this can be of some good use for aspiring candidates – both for who give suggestion and who ask for it. Such project reports, on completion, can be placed for sale on the website itself.

    These three sections can give a boost to the online course and will be helpful in determining the need of the potential mass that can join the course.

    Nevertheless, this can also be implemented irrespective of online course launch.


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