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Thread: am i the first one from hyderabad???

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    ive played with servos...
    wht do you need to know?

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    hi priya,

    pls mail me at appliedgravity at gmail dot com


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    Default Re: Do u need someone from indore?

    Quote Originally Posted by priya
    i m from indore
    may i join u
    welcome to machine world.

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    Default HEY HYDERABADIS !!!!

    HI all hyderabadis !!!! good to seee all robo enthus....
    but is there any one who has really done work on robotics?
    im looking for guys who are working robo vision. I have already worked on robo vision and want to go further...... I have done a lot of work on servos and legged robos(2,4, and 6 legged). I want to implement vision.
    so contact me if anyone is interested. Other interests include model planes and gliders. have achieved vertical flight using DC motors. But it needs gyro stablization. have also managed to make solid rocket fuel for home made rocket science :twisted: but it needs more to get goin now. if any can contribute to my stuff then please message me.
    HAIL HYDERABAD !!!!!1 :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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    Default Re: HEY HYDERABADIS !!!!

    hey ...
    im going to be doing some work in robot building (obviously ) ... as well as some speech to text work ... need some electronic whizkids as well ..
    hope to find some hyd ppl around .. .cheers

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    Default Hi all hyderabadis...

    Hi all,
    i m rajendran from tamilnadu..
    basically i am an computer science student.. and have some interest in robotics...

    now working in a IT company here @ hyderabad...

    i dunno much in electronics... and only interested in programming computer controlled robots for fun.... anyway i haven't done anything in electronics until now...

    now slowly getting a good grip in electronics too...
    and i want to know such shops to get all kind of electronic components here in hyderabad...

    will u guys help me??


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    Default I am also from Hyderabad

    Hello i am also from Hyderabad

    I am now in final year and doing project in Autonomous Robo search vehicle with direction and image mapping Well any body available for a technicle talk...

    9866232470 is my mobile....

    Reply me ASAP 8O

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    Default hi...


    i'm from hyderbad too....but rite now in bangalore doin my 3rd year engg. in electronics.....

    i guess i dont have to introduce myself again and what project i'm involved in....coz i have done it long back...he ehe he....well i keep visiting hyd during my vacations....
    i def. would like to meet u guys in hyd too.....

    i'll be goin to hyd in jan....well...maybe we can arrange for some meetup....

    i have a problem too..i'm rite now having my ext. exams here ...and i'll be finishing my robot in hyd...i need a pic programmer for 16f873....well any of u guys have the programmer?...or can i get it for rent....i need help guys....

    thanx varun
    Its never too late,on the contrary start before its too late

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    If anyone feels like meeting up and suggesting stuff for RI, or discuss robotics in hyderabad.. I am in Hyderabad till 25th of april.. so anytime.. put a message here or PM me and I will send you the phone no. to contact me..


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    Default Hey I m waiting for this kind of group activities in India.

    I 'm a mechanical guy with programming knowledge. I m interested much in this Robo Science. Let's join our neurons and hands to make this more valuable. please mail me...

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