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Thread: Wireless remote for toy cars

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    Default Wireless remote for toy cars

    can anyone tell me where can i get the circuit for wireless remote and car. i am a kid n like electronics so trying things if u know where can i find that circuit exept getting it by breaking a new remote car coz i want to make a car like that in DHOOM 2 used for stealing the diamond n please tell how to make that working hand which picked the diamond please help
    w8ing for ur healp

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    You can make ANYTHING...... a movie.....!
    Its different making them in 3D real-life.
    While appreciating you enthusiasm, let me put some points for you:
    1. There are some basic knoeledge of Science , especially Physics, that is essential for robotics. Mechanics, Dynamics, statics, etc., (These deal with laws of motion , of Static objects, orders of Levers, gears and pulleys, etc.,)
    2. Some real knowledge of motors -Voltage, current, torque, power, types...
    3. Basic electronics and the components-Ohms law and its constituent components (V, R and the resulting I ), Diode, transistor, Gates ( inverter, AND will do), Timer, opamp.
    4. Principles of Light, characteristics, behaviour, category...
    5. A great deal of Microcontroller tricks and pranks.

    You need not be 'expert'!! Just some working knowledge of the above.

    Most people ignore the first four and jump to 5 straightaway :evil:
    Thats bad :cry:

    A lot of stuff is available , on the Net and otherwise.
    Not ALL of them work unless you MAKE them work!!
    ...but wireless is not for the beginner...

    Good luck!!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default docel i really liked ur answer

    i guess docel is abslutely right ppl get into robotics for making quick name some after watching discovery tv some after watching movies.
    well frankly i too thought about robotics after watching SHORT CIRCUIT move and the robot jonny 5. i was in 2-3rd grade at that time i tried making a robot in class 4th using double sided motor(shaft on both sides). and a led twinkler for eyes and stuff. its gr8 to get motivated my movies and tv. but robotics is not that glamourous. u have to have right fundamentals in many field( mathematics , kinematics , physics , electronic ....). many ppl learn micro controller in colleges and are in robotics for few years get a job and leave. it takes years to learn all this and still there u might know nothing.

    if genuinely interested take small steps at a time and over the years u will learn things. i guess u are in the right era as these days u can learn these things easily and cheaply. and on top internet is available. earlier there were very few books. no computers no guidance and these things were dam expensive. i have personally brought at89c51(micro controller) for 180Rs . now u can get it for 40Rs also. just stick around for some time


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    i used to think like that,when i was 12 :-)
    but by experience iam telling u,learn first then start building.
    ppl usually get excited when they saw such gizmo's in movies.
    (when i first saw Tarzan the wonder car movie,i thought i can build one,as i am an automotive engineer.but when i finish my final year project,spending 1.5 years over designing a simple diesel engine,i learned what practice life is.

    sorry for the lecture.i couldn't stop it.
    so for a remote one in china market its cheap and ok for breaking.and for that arm,u got to learn robotics(at least moderate).

    mark my words.first learn then only think and start building the will save ur precious time and money.
    I am reactive.

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    Default Then you have to join 3D modelling classes

    if you want to built exactly same car like which you have seen in Dhoom, then you have to join 3D modelling classes 'cause in dhoom they might have modelled it by 3D software. wait that does not mean it is impossible but very difficult at beginners level. Even if you want to try, try to build it up in small small modules. if any problem then shoot.



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    Its good you want to build something and you know what to build.

    But for everything there is a first step, and you have to make millions of them for your kind of target.]

    So make that first step..

    may be, understanding current, resistance and voltage??
    (not joking, i was serious this time)
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    hi KIDOF14
    i suggest you to buy Soldering iron kit . some basic tools like cutter tweezer screw driver ets . and start from 5-10 components project you can easily find on net or you can find a very cheap (Rs 3 only ) monthly magazine name "TV ENGINEER " and start . soon iwiil post there address
    best of luck

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    Hey this is 2nd yr Electrical and Electronics BTech guy.
    As a startup, I am trying to build a light following electronic toy car. Any helpers :?:

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    please search in the forum and more simple Gooooooooooogle :lol:

    TV Engineer Address :
    A-10 CC colony Near
    RP bag Police station
    Online Component Shoppe
    Microcontrollers and Solar Robotics Stuffs at cheap rates

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    Default FSK Rx/Tx Module

    FSK Rx/Tx Module

    Calling all RF enthusiasts, hobbyists

    What would you pay to make a FSK RF based remote control of 434MHZ – 400m range??????
    RF module –
    FSK Receiver Module – Rs 350/- onwards
    FSK Transmitter Module – Rs 350/- onwards
    HT12E IC and HT12D ICs – Rs 35/- each
    PCB charges and fabrication – Rs 100/-
    Postage Charges Rs 75/-
    So you have to pay anywhere between Rs 910/- and above for just the Receiver – Decoder and Transmitter – Encoder Module.

    We have product in which Transmitter – Encoder comes in one single module and Receiver – Decoder module in another. READY TO USE…
    Dimensions of the module are 3cmx2cm …hence really compact. Minimum external components required. READY TO USE…

    Suitable for all kinds of wireless gadgets, remote control, robotics, toys etc.

    At a astonishing price of Rs 395 per pair and Rs 95 towards postage and handling
    = Rs 490 only per pair (i.e Transmitter, Receiver, Encoder, Decoder)

    Email at for datasheets. Special price for bulk buyers.

    visit :

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