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Thread: Wireless remote for toy cars

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    Default rc cars!!!!!!

    RC cars facinate everyone of your age including me.You can buy one from china bazaar around 120(plss bargain)or can buy the crane set for 250(bargain) I bought one for opening purpose.Otherwise at your age study theory as much as possible.Study about basic electronics then some IC's and then sensors and last but not he least microcontrollers.Learn as much about programming languages.dont just study microcontrollers.Then do the practical it will save your time and money.It's the most precious time in your life.Now, about RC controllers i prefer use ASK & HT12e and HT12d.Please visit

    conatct me at:

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    Default flying machines

    hi everyone,
    dear readers ,i have a question in us mind which disturb me all time.
    by which methods we can calculate the whole readings of flying meachines(helicopter) like as .......their weings style ,how many rpm it require for fly, how much weight capacity ,their power input and others.

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