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Thread: Read this -AVRTUTOR, before you post!

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    Default Read this -AVRTUTOR, before you post!

    1. I found this on my websearch for someone elses requirement.

    This guy is honest and has made the Tutorial as down to earth as possible.

    There are other things he says , that are worth remembering.....


    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default Thank you.

    I would like to say thanks for the comments regarding my website.

    I hope I managed to help many microcontroller people out there.

    Now, I am afraid my soldering iron is getting cold, not much embedded design is going on in Greece, I had to switch to unix and mobile companies.

    I am left with with and I am not sure what to do with it. If there are people out there that want to contribute with or without a small pay, please let me know. If it is worth doing, I will redesign it ...

    Thanks again

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