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Thread: help needed for an aqua robot

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    hi friends...

    for running a submarine ... how much rpm motor will be sufficient to run the propellars...??

    how to make the motors and other elec. devices waterproof that i m using in submarine...?

    how to sink and surface the submrne...???

    total how much motors will be used in submarine...?{including propellars motors }..???

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    Have you READ the above posts???
    ALL your queries , except one, is already answered there!!!

    Moreover, Competitions are meant to make YOU think, analyse and plan your solution. It will be better to sit and think how to go about the things rather than ask for ready help.

    These solutions are basic and can be solved by mere common sense. The execution may be a problem, but the concepts are easy.

    So , you guys just sit with a piece of paper and PLAN!! Get back afterwards if you run into some serious trouble during implementation.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default .............

    ok ok ... can u please tell me that bilge pump motors will do 4 runnning our submarine propellars .....??????

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