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    Quote Originally Posted by mcufreak View Post
    Atmega8 for Rs 95 (Lowest because RI Store has not launched yet)

    The website is crap for shopping but they provide good phone support. The shipping charges are lowest. I always buy Atmega8 from them.
    The site is not functioning please let me know where to buy it .
    Can you provide the phone support etc and where do they exists.What are the shipping charges i need only one this board presently.

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    This is what becomes of a site when their is a lack of business sense.
    Avinash Gupta

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    I see the same thing robonics site was suspended.however nortonkit is working i had contacted to them and waiting for reply
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    Default Cheap Servos Lipo batteries. Brushless motors etc.

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    Want to buy
    Arduino Nano -1500/-
    freeduino -800/-
    and other stuff for your robotics project visit

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    I have got a better option.

    Kindly check

    You will get all the products at a lower price.

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    Present Robotics & Embedded System industry.
    Embedded systems opportunity is expected to reach $360 billion (in terms of the devices) & $36 billion in terms of the semiconductors by 2015, survey by Frost & Sullivan, an analyst firm.
    Jobs in embedded space will increase ten-fold from the current 60,000 professionals to over 6 lakh people by 2015, survey by NASSCOM & Mckinsey.

    Experts say what IT was in 90’s is where embedded systems stands now and is ready to explode. The future is bright for India with it being pegged to be the next embedded systems hub in the world. Forecasts for the future are favourable in terms of both production and trade.

    Please read the detailed Business Proposal that has been provided to you for the better understanding of our Core Philosophy, the Security & Profitability of your investment, the functioning of our dealership and the range of Support Services provided by us.

    I would like to ‘Thank You’ once again for considering us and hope that the information furnished would answer all your queries.

    In case, you still have any queries, please contact us
    at the below-mentioned phone numbers for further clarifications.

    Dealership business plays a vital role in business trade. This business format is win - win situation for dealer as well as manufacturer.

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    You can buy robotics kit and other parts easily , fast and reasonable price .
    For Microcontroller:
    For Sensor :
    For Tsop:
    For Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Sensor Module :
    For More Details go to robomart

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    18% off on 8051 Microcontroller-
    16% off at Ultrasonic Distance Sensor For Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics From
    60% off at PIR Motion Detection Sensor HC-SR501 For Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics From

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