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Thread: Multipicprogrammer-- interested ?

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    Default Multipicprogrammer-- interested ?

    hi all,
    i have been using this multpic programmer since 6 months without any problem.
    and i programmed most commonly used PIC with it.
    and below is the list that u can program.

    so i want to make and cell them (ofcourse as cheap as it is possible).so are u ppl interested in it.why choose this programmer is bcz of its multiness.u don't have to make separate programmer each PIC.
    so if u guys want it,pls do post some that i'll do my material collection and cost estimation.
    i'll be waiting for replies.

    and if u want to make ur own( :-) i don't mind)
    just browse through this site.u'll get the info.

    *** this is serial port won't work with converters(usb-serial etc)
    oops my is the list

    * PIC12C508,PIC12C509
    * PIC12C508A,PIC12C509A
    * PIC12CE518,PIC12CE519
    * PIC12C671,PIC12C672,PIC12CE673,PIC12CE674
    * PIC12F508,PIC12F509 The trick of programming PIC12F508/509 using IC-Prog
    * PIC12F629,PIC12F635(1)(2),PIC12F675,PIC12F683(2)
    * PIC16C505
    * PIC16C61,PIC16C62A,16C62B(3),PIC16C63,PIC16C63A
    * PIC16C64A,PIC16C65A,PIC16C65B,PIC16C66,PIC16C67
    * PIC16C620,PIC16C620A,PIC16C621,PIC16C621A,PIC16C62 2,PIC16C622A
    * PIC16CE623,PIC16CE624,PIC16C625
    * PIC16F627,PIC16F628
    * PIC16F627A(2),PIC16F628A,PIC16F648A
    * PIC16F630,PIC16F636(2),PIC16F676,PIC16F684(2),PIC1 6F688(2)
    * PIC16C710,PIC16C711(3),PIC16C715(6)
    * PIC16C712,PIC16C716(3)
    * PICPIC16C71,PIC16C72,PIC16C72A,PIC16C73A,PIC16C73B ,PIC16C74A,PIC16C74B,PIC16C76,PIC16C77
    * PIC16F72,PIC16F73,PIC16F74,PIC16F76,PIC16F77
    * PIC16C745(3),PIC16C765(3)
    * PIC16C717,PIC16C770,PIC16C771(7)
    * PIC16C773,PIC16C774
    * PIC16C781(7),PIC16C782
    * PIC16C923,PIC16C924
    * PIC16F818,PIC16F819
    * PIC16F83
    * PIC16C84
    * PIC16F84
    * PIC16F84A
    * PIC16F87(2),PIC16F88
    * PIC16F870(8),PIC16F871(8),PIC16F872,PIC16F873,PIC1 6F874(4),PIC16F876(5),PIC16F877(5)
    * PIC16F873A(5),PIC16F874A(5),PIC16F876A,PIC16F877A
    * PIC18F1320,PIC18F2320,PIC18F4320
    * PIC18F242,PIC18F252,PIC18F442,PIC18F452
    * PIC18F248,PIC18F258,PIC18F448,PIC18F458(3)
    * PIC18F4539(3)
    I am reactive.

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    the above may create some problems while reprogramming ...every time one has to take the PIC out of the circuit board and put it back on the programmer ... so I personally feel that ICSP(In circuit serial programming) is a little better....

    use this programmer : Don't buy.. they provides the circuit ..its nice..

    the circuit :

    it also programs the most ... I programmed using this one for my PIC16F877/A ... 16F84 ... its nice ...

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    Both of them are jdm based programmers.. and i believe all the pic microcontrollers have the same protocol of programming, so if a programmer can program 16f84a it can program the 16f877a as well..
    Moreover they work by stealing power from serial port, and once the voltage falls below 13v, they will fail, this happens with newer pc.
    Works only on older pc, and almost every site is selling programmers based on the jdm, some even use external supply with it.

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    thanks nice info.

    i had this idea in my mind,when i saw lots of posts regarding iam very much satisfied with it,so i felt why not help(as well as my self) others too
    any way...let me know if someone interested.
    I am reactive.

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    Default ZIF socket board for ICD2

    Hello ,

    I had purchased a PicFlash , but found that it cannot do 16F684.Have any of you guys used the feng programmer successfully for this chip.
    Does anyone developed a board for attaching a ZIF socket to the micro chip ICD2 programmer in case I am forced to take that route ?


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    you dont need to buy a microchip icd2, just make one for your self.. search for icd2 clone from lothar's.. and if you want to make the usb version( fast for debugging) search potyo's icd2.

    I made the serial port version and it works well,just the debugging is slow and i dont have the resources for the usb one, itz a little complicated but is fun.

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    yeah firoz you could try it, but just done get it too overpriced like sunrom and others.. i made it for rs 30 and just keep the price low

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    Default pic programmer

    Hi Shobit,

    Would be able to give me the PCB PS files or can you send me some blank PCBs or assembled ones? I would prefer blanks as they can be couriered fast enough if you are out of Mumbai.Please indicate the charges.
    Serial port and programming is good enough ,I dont really need extensive debugging features right now.Its just that I have made a PCB and I need to program the chip off board as I have not put a header for programming on this.
    Send me a PM.


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    sorry mate, i aint proffessional, just a college student, no pcb's here in good ol Dehradun. Just search for it in google, many sites will come up , and they will give you the pcb design as well.
    Use the icd2 which uses pic 16f877a and not pic 16f876a

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    sorry for my inactivity net connection is totally i won't be able to post the results.pls do give me some time.i'll get back to u.
    I am reactive.

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