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Thread: help me makin terra ranger robot for robotix festival!!!!

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    You should meet a person who had some experience with robot making. What Rao was telling you is to make tank like structure. If the components are not available locally then buy online, take these link

    these goods are at reasonable price. just assemble you will get some picture of how to make structure for stated problem
    Nikhil Chandra | Bangalore

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    A lot of your friends made different types of SUMO Robots for ROBOVEDA, including several Girls.
    That is a TerraRanger body.
    Attach one of the ARMs from your Vistaar as the bridge.
    Now, Tell us the problem statement and we'll see.
    This is not an easy task for beginners, as it involves several skills and innovations.

    ( The intent of any Competition is to make you think, plan, improvise and execute these things yourself by the complete understanding of the Robot Specs and the Rules.)
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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