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Thread: Need 60 Watt , 104 Nm Torque DC PMDC or simply DC Motors

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    Default Need 60 Watt , 104 Nm Torque DC PMDC or simply DC Motors

    Hallo sirs ,

    Infact , I want to develop a model of my project. And, for that I was designing my mechanism part being from Mechnaical domain , but the things related through which I have to power my mechanism i.e.High Torque DC Motor and many thing related with this is unavailable here at Bhopal. So,
    I need these DC motor with controller battery and charger Joystick ready made to assemble Or I need your help to collect all this or develop it
    Please help me.
    Infact I need to power this to another mechanism but it's operation and calculation is same as controlling a wheel chair with dc motors and joystick


    Then DC MOtor should be 12 or 24 Volt or even more no problem.
    But 12 Volt is Preferable.

    But you know we must not switch these motors simply as small motors
    As then the rpm will vary on plane surface and vary slow on carpets.Hope you understand
    so we need to develop a Motor Controller to interface it with motor to solve such problems and maintain constant speed.
    We move our joystick the signal goes to motor controller then the motor controller decides the switching and allows all required voltage and ampere flow to the motor
    Finally my problem
    I need
    two motor 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC High Torque to drive , controller , charger and battery braking apparatus .
    I need some help regarding this electrical issues.
    There are many Motor controller manufacturer in other countries but hard luck not found any in India.
    Please Sirs ! Help me in collecting all these things So that I can complete my Project in time. My domain is Mechanical Engg.

    I will be really grateful to you from bottom of my heart.
    Waiting desparately for your reply.
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    Hi riyaz,
    I am in Bhopal right now and will be there for a month more. I have high torque motor you can have look on those, might be helpful to you and i can also help with controller and joystick. mail me at if you like.
    Nikhil Chandra | Bangalore

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