I am starting up a robotics company in the city of Edinburgh, UK.

Currently we are in the early stages of getting the team ready. The focus (and the name of the company) will be ConsumerRobotics. It will focus on building simplitic robots solving day-to-day problems. I emphasize on Consumer because it will not look at Industrial robots at all and will be cheap to reproduce.

I am looking for design experts that know how to design 3D mechanical models in AutoCAD/3D Max, programmers who know their stuff and more technical experts that have experience in Robotics. They will form the core technical team of the company and will share equity. They must be enthusiastic, dynamic and confortable with the idea of working remotely.

I already have a some technical experts in robotics as well as entrepreneurship gurus and venture capitalists on the board. Therefore, funding and commercialization will not be a problem.

If interested please drop me a mail and we can get in touch over the phone/skype asap.