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Thread: connecting Sony Ericsson phone to avr

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    All old SE mobiles which support DRS-11 cable also support serial communication.
    DRS -11 is serial, so it should support serial communication!!

    i guess you meant AT command support.

    All phones do not have the same settings - some support text mode, some need PDU, and they all have different baud rates - and some of them are variable. Sadly, there are very few which supports text mode --

    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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    @pratikmahale: the VPPFLASH pin is used to update the flash memory of the phone (Firmware Update).
    Tying it to the ground gives you normaloperation, if you tie it to the bus VCC (5V), you get the TEST Mode. and if you tie it to the VPPH (12V) you get the TEST + UPDATE mode.

    Refer to document: EN/LZT 123 296 R2A (Ericsson Communications, GM12 module, Integerators Manual)

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