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    hello guys
    i am a first year student doing my BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering . I love robots but doesn't know much about suggest me some ways and means to improve my self ( web links, basic subjects to be studied ....etc)

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    first of all if u an electronics student i am guessing u wud be interested in building autonomous bots so
    here is ur chck lst
    brush up ur knwledge about the basic motors and gear types
    then study about the basic electronics compo such as diodes and transistors etc
    finally to et u strted stud a book clld mazidi for understanding the 89c51xx family of uc...
    best of luck

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    help on robtic motors
    i have searched for types of motors in various catogiries and areas but get only a vauge result can some one tell me where is the exact content on robotic motors with its types and working ,constuctoin and machanism

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    ok here is something to get you started on though they do not talk about series , shunt or compound motors but it will set you on the right track
    just paste the url

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    i think this should do it.....
    :roll: afterthought i hink you should start wikiing stuff
    it will help
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