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Thread: Affordable Robotics Platform - First Proposal

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    @mr rao and @vikas

    i know this might get a bit offtopic but i dont remember the correct topic on which this was posted. but i really wanted to tell you about this... hope you wont mind...

    i saw a heated debate between people saying new generation su*ks and does engineering forcefully,takes up EC or mech just to get job in software sector.....

    But does anyone actually realize that there are very people who want to do engineering but their brain is inclined in such a way that they love robotics electronics and computers but fail to be GOOD at study?

    what you people dont see is that the indian education domain is strictly arranged toward the people who who meritorious performance IN STUDIES not electronics or computers.

    taking myself for example i was born between transistors ics capacitors soldering iron (not quite literally lol) but my dad had a small business in electronics repair business my favorite toys were discarded 12v vcr motors with plastic blades attached to them. when i was in 6th standard i began making simple projects using capacitors leds and smaller ne555 ics.

    now i have just started on arduino platform.with home fabrication and assembling everything myself (including running to LRM).

    but i am somewhat 'average' in studies platform.with no hopes of making to iit or a decent college(without donation.. that i strictly refuse....).

    now what do you say in return? who should be given a chance?me or the other guy? a guy who already possesses quite some skills or a guy who has only bookish knowledge.

    and mind you if ask someone to make CB or CE configured transistor practically, none of the MERITORIOUS student will be able to do it as they never seen bc557 or 547 ever before.

    hope you people understand the real pain of few students,

    Thanking you,
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    I graduated from Uttar pradesh technical university in the year 2005 with 60%.... I was below average.
    Robotics is not taught in India. Apart from the stupid 8051, nothing is taught in the field of embedded electronics. We are all self taught people.

    Why do you think roboticsindia came into existence?? We thought we can have a platform online where enthusiasts from around India can share knowledge with each other.

    I totally know what you are talking about.


    ohh and please, rao would do, no Mr. required

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    Rao, UPTU is a good university. robotics requres you to have a base atleast.. a source of income and time... if tomorrow, i dont get a proper college and later on will be doing pesky menial jobs, how will i do with electronics and robotics?

    my sole purpose was to clear out what people said on that thread that "hey new generation is like this... like that... all want nice job and money..."

    but no one can deny from my friends to foes... that i work on passion............

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    Godslayer, you need to find the right balance. I too have graduated from UPTU, 2008, but i was in a college in Dehradun which was affiliated to UPTU and trust me anything practical was the least thing students had in their mind. The only source of electronics items was Delhi and there was no exposure to anything. I learned a few things from the internet and then one thing led to another. The curiosity was always there right from childhood, just as you have described in your post.

    I am working at DRDO as a scientist now. I had no intention to join DRDO,nor i thought i would ever get through the selection procedure.Ii remember the interview, where i learned that people who had a good balance of both practical and bookish knowledge were finally chosen. I cleared it, because my basics were clear since i had practically tried the things and i could explain it the interviewing officers.

    You cannot assault the Indian Education System with your plea. Yes we are producing engineers who have passed exams studying guide's, but we also have some brilliant Scientist, Engineers. Study, get through a decent college, work hard and success will follow.

    @ Rao, Hi Super Senior

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    godslayer u made me to comment. what a passion, i truely respect that.

    but pain is everywhere. i am doing btech for ggsipu delhi. all i do mug up text books at college, nothing else. i am very interested in learning robotics (and unlike u, i used to have no knowledge of electronic at all, but even now i have a very little knowledge of it).

    teachers at college have no knowledge of electronics or robotics, so i cant hope for any guidance. online help has its limitations (though roboticsindia and others have helped me a lot ). everything else comes at a premium, courses and guidance.

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    @Shobhit : Hi Vikas was my senior, we were in the same college.

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    Never gave a thought that we could have UPTU graduates running one of the most successful robotics website in India, but i am glad you did. :P

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    You are a truly respectable man and i dont have a doubt on what you just said about finding the right balance.(you were the one to show bc 547/557 in cb/ce lol )

    i know india makes some awesome engineers and you said the genius was within you..that you became a scientist...zest of earning was within you...nothing of what INDIA's education system provided. you were a brilliant scholar but practical knowledge came from your initiative. i will still target indian education system and had targetted it since long back .. long before 3 idiots was released... the people who are hungry for knowledge dont get it.. people who arent.. are forced to eat parents or by greed... this is a strange world....

    GGSIPU has some brilliant colleges under it.. including 'msit'(surajmal) that ranks 50 in engineering colleges list. my friends who were in that college(whom i met at a LAN party) told me that it was one of the indias best college for robotics. Rest i heard agrasen(MAIT) is also good but i was pretty sad about NIEC and BVP where the condition of students is like you they want to learn.. but unable to..
    (dont wonder why i know all these things i always have eye on colleges and got a huge friends circle)

    dude utilize your time... buy some books.. take web tutorials anything... you wont find better place than delhi in whole india to source your electronics parts at ultra cheap wont find a facility or time in your "office" when you do your job later on to use the high tech drill press or complicated apparatus.

    ill be giving my xii and then ggsipu CET this year as well.. ill be very fortunate if i get selected...(will teach you a thing or two lol) rest is on the destiny..

    nice talking with you people,

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    Kudos to the UPTU alumni & all that.... But Godslayer, you're right about what you said.
    Sadly, merit is the ONLY criterion till now- and the industry has suffered & paid heavily for that.
    The youth of this day is a sadly misguided lot; thay have noone to turn to. All thier advisors/ wellwishers are those who feel what they think is the best for you. Unfortunate, they all live in the stoneage with little regard to time & trend.

    Most kids are the victims of these mis-advisors who think that marks is everything in the world. The Industry hasnt helped the situation since THEY have cut-offs themselves. The result is an " all work & no Play......" paradigm that has wrought havoc on the industry. They have cut-offs, wrong interviewers, select the wrong people and then cry that " there are no employable Engineers" ....all in the same breath on the same day.

    Tutions have been the bane of students at the cost of aptitude & skill set; intelligence is being wasted by wrong management of the youth. Nobody wants to give you a chance where you can discover yourself.

    This is not just the Indian side story at all. There is no need for a blame game here. None of the mis-advisors have anything other than your well being at heart. But the situation remains and one cannot help but condemn the entire process.

    The Industry needs someone who can::
    - independently work through a given job
    - blend with the working group perfectly
    - think & do the right things at the right time, without running to the Boss for instructions
    - Live up in a crisis with minimum fuss & maximum output
    - take up initiatives
    ....infact, a good employee will be the one who works the most with the least management.
    All this is possible by someone who can think for himself and have the courage and confidence to go ahead.

    Most of the jobs are repetitive in nature without much need for innovation or extraordinary intelligence.
    Selections are made by people who know very little about the necessities of the job. The Colleges take it easy ( along with your money) and just do the paperwork ( for, say a target of 300% placement).
    There are no teachers who stick to their jobs ( why work for 20k when they can get 40 ??)
    Tech Graduates need not worry much about tech. profficiency- why should they/ since they will be 'pushed' into a campus interview by a ITES co. on contract with the college placement office? the 6th Sem. itself :O !! I ask freshers this question ( I am a consultant interviewer): you have 75% marks all through and little else as experience/talent/activity. so, why did'nt you score 90%
    Parents are not worried that you know a hoot about , say, electronics in your EEE/ECE/EIE & etc.,......
    well...everyone KNOWs its tough to get a hardware job and easy to get a software job ( as the name indicates ;-/ )

    Ok, now- all my ranting and fault-finding will never take anyone anywhere.....
    nor will it change things for what they are.

    Unless- you guys wake up- first yourselves and then other would-be sufferers below your age and do some strong and firm thinking for yourselves. Think ! One who can hold a screw driver AND can use it is better than a bunch who can only tell you how-to from a book or manual, no matter how precise their theoretical interpretation is.
    You are better off with both Practical & academic excellence. You must be able to be an active participant in a Technical Group Discussion ( Most tech. grads fail in this round). Text books are not an absolute authority of a topic. The topics have changed drastically since they were written, if not completely become obsolete ( we still teach 5v when the entire industry is migrating to 1.1v [GTL] !!)

    Pity. Your generation has an excellent Brain power & intelligence, but hidden to you & misused and mismanaged by others who think they have your well being in their mind!!!!!

    Its YOUR life, isnt it?? SO, why not take charge and do something about it??

    ( this looks like a hijacked thread. somebody please delete my post , if you feel it is inappropriate....)
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    awesome post mr G venkatesh....

    Now thats what i expected and the post that totally matched my views... now there should be quota for people who are good in electronics and computers in respective colleges.. if given a chance ill definitely change that in indian education system for people.. so that people like me dont suffer... what lacks in the world is the people who can understand children... they should be given their own chance to speak express and make amendments in education system....

    if i get into a good college i promise an interviewer like you will never see such a report card tho ....(am i overworking my brain that i wont get into a good college? i dont think so... very stiff competition nowadays...)
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