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Thread: Urgent Need : 433MHz Transceiver

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    Default Urgent Need : 433MHz Transceiver

    I' based in bangalore and I urgently need a 433MHz transceiver, low power hi speed for an indoor wireless link upto 50 ft in clear line of sight. Please give me the details about the suitable chips. I also need an antenna for this link any ideas??

    Thanks for your help.

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    Let me clarify... I actually want a transceiver on a single chip... ie tx and rx combined on a single IC.... the discussion u refered to me deals with seperate TX and RX modules I guess... coz the link there refers to seperate ASK-TX and RX parts...

    Is there no single IC that can transmit as well as receive data?? I want such an IC coz I'm aiming for bi-directional data flow...

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    check sunrom , they have a module, but it at 2.4Ghz . Is there any certain need it tobe 433mhz? if not you can use.
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    Thnx a lot for ur reply guys!!
    Actually, I'm stiocking on to 433MHz coz its license free and compenents and info is easy to find. And 2.4GHz is ZigBee which needs license I think... Neways thnx for the Chip...

    How can I order it frm b'lore... do they have some credit card or cheque payment facility??

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    2.4Ghz is ISM band too and NOT necessarily Zigbee.
    It is the same as the "UHF 433MHz. but much more powerful.........
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