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Thread: Funny experiences in Robotics/Electronics ...

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    Default Funny experiences in Robotics/Electronics ...

    This thread I would like you guys to share funny experiences in robotics / electronics etc when u were building stuff

    Ill start with one ... after doing a few classes of PCB fabrication I and my friend had this brilliant idea to buy the chemicals and copper plated board ourself and do it in our hostel.

    So once the chemicals were bought we both guys went ahead and mixed the FeCL3 and water and put the board in it ( with simple permanent marker based tracks ). After waiting sometime nothing happened ( we had high expectations ) ... so we added more FeCl3 and continued till we could add no more . The mixture was dark red and with still no luck , me and my friend got into a fight over why the hell the thing is not working and during the confusion he steeped on the container which had the whole mixture , and all of it was now on the floor.

    The moment we both saw that red liquid on the floor we knew we were in deep shit. Fecl3 leaves marks ... bad ones. For the next three hours we had to use newspapers and clean the liquid up and then scrub the floor off the huge red mark we had left. It was about 2 AM and cold as hell .... it was a sight to be seen ... two guys scrubbing the floor with toothbrushes ( we did not have anything else ).

    Though we tried our best the marks did not completely go away , We moved our beds to cover it ... still got shit from the warden over it the next day , even after a year those marks were still somewhat visible .....

    All comments are welcome ... but dont forget to add your own experieces ...
    Vikas Patial

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    " Shake well"......DURING use!!

    Hilarious, Vikas!!!
    and happens to everyone trying to make their own PCBs :lol: :lol: :lol:
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    hey vikas,
    my room also have spots to mark my fun with PCBs, this is one of the prominent one just in front of room's door.

    actually i kept the tub at exit and it leak for almost one week.

    One of the funny moments is from childhood, This happen during my 10 th class school exhibition. I had done experiment with syringes and made a some sort arm. It all work when i tested before the show. But just when judge come to my slot. One of the joint got stuck. And she said is there any problem with a joint. And she try to help and take a close look of the joint. and I was pushing the other side syringe with my all strength. And then pipe get out of the syringe and all the water sprayed on her face ops: and it happen as in any comics gags. . One of the memorable moments of my school life. :roll:
    Nikhil Chandra | Bangalore

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