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Thread: Serious Condition....Help Needed

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    Default Serious Condition....Help Needed

    Hi everybody,
    I m doin 3rd year B.Tech in electrical. From last two years i have been so confused about my area of interest. I switched to software and found it bored. Then i switched to electronics and Image and Signal Processing. I have done various projects on them and i found my interest in the application part only which is none other than robotics and automation.

    But there is no guidance in our college for robotics and automation . I have to start from the scratch. Can anybody help me in finding a good robotics club or a short term summer course. Or can anybody tell me how to start as begineer in automation and robotics., :?
    With Regards-
    Achint Setia
    E.E. Student

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    "serious condition" ?? lol

    Browse through the site!! you will have lots of newbie information here. Once you have done, search the forums, or simply browse the forums, you will get a lot of idea. There is no short cut, what you do is what you get..

    all the best!!
    .... I didnt do it ! ....

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