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Thread: Ball follower help please

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    Default Ball follower help please

    My query consists of both an electronic question and sensor ques so i decided to move it from the other thread to here neways
    We are working on a ball following robot and basically it shall have the following components:
    1) Image processing part-we have taken care of this with some matlab code.
    2) Linking a camera wirelessly to a laptop-not yet figured out
    3) Setting up a wired serial link between laptop and bot(read motors)- taken care of using a simple max 232 and at89s52 uC and hbridges(motor
    4)Setting up a wireless serial link between the laptop and the bot-basically we want the bot to be free of any wires i.e. no wires should go into the laptop from the bot.I figured out that i can use a virtual serial port of my bluetooth dongle, a Zippys( isscbta) dongle, and use its COM port no instead of COM1(of the serial port keping everything else same) and using a bluetooth receiver(??gess thats what its calld) on the other side and i wont have to understand nethin about bluetooth and have seamless flow of data serially.

    I want to kno what this mystery bluetooth receiver should be and what wireless camera should be used?? Moreover any other suggestions are weclome!!

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    I suppose you are complicating things, you can do away with the bluetooth receiver as well as the wireless cam in case you use an embedded cam, the cost of the bluetooth receiver and the wireless camera as well as the allowable range anyways do not justify its utility.
    For more info on embedded cams, you can refer this link...

    I dont have much idea about bluetooth modules, but sparkfun can serve all your wireless needs. So here's a link to that:

    Saurabh G.

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