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    Default wireless bot

    plz tell me what should i use to make wireless bot which can work within 20-30 ft range and is quite reliable....
    i made using ir but it is not at all reliable.....
    can you send me the circuitry which is to be used .........

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    Are you looking for an RF remote?
    Suggest you buy rather than make one.

    You have made an IR remote.....
    So, why not improve it and use it? What is the problem??

    20-30 ft is quite achievable with IR.

    Perhaps, I can help you continue with that circuit and get it working correctly.

    Now, are you game??
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    its better to buy the circuit from the market......than designing it...i am myself facing the same problem for my wireless car.....

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