What is World with out Computers we never ever imagine that situation,Yet we are following a simple illogic to solve our problems at pyramid (base) level so called(gates, flipflop,) etc and we are imposing certain problems up-on their upper level to define our problems say (adding, by signals may be analogue and if we assume certain wavelengths 0,1 which all called as Digital as all think)
What here I want to Convey is that "All our Mathematics Depends upon AXIOMS Postulated by A Great Mathematician Of all Time Euclid".In his Book The Elements, he has prooved many theorems by his Axioms,Which formulated the World as see .But there are totally 5 Universal Axioms According to him(accepted by all ).The first 4 can be understood well but problem arise with fifth postulate,As it is case Rest is History ,Every Mathematics Student would know that, Riemann......, I can't Briefly explain here apologize for that.

Coming to Computer Sciences I don't want to give Brief lecture about that here just an out look...,come on lets see

1. Our total working of computers depends upon Architecture of Processors & Software we use
2. So, we are leaping towards Quantum Computing, (Qubits)
3. And the Same old Logic For Problem solving.
4. If we apply here Lateral Thinking to Solve problem Differently,I am dam Sure we can Divide Computing world into Two.
For Example in Mathematics Euclid & Riemann,
in Physics Newton & Einstein,
in Computing Boole logic & (..........)
we can give shakes to world as they know...,

I am trying to this for a long time, I think With the help of others with same interests we all can do that.

please Comment om my new approach.If I am wrong clarify me where? hoping for repl :?: :?: