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Thread: ARP : ATMEGA8 as the uC

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    Hi Vidur,

    Here you are 0in%20C%20and%20C++.pdf

    For more books see this

    I forget to login.....

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    Default ATMEGA8 Programmer

    Hi Everybody...

    Well, its good that someone mentioned of this amazing ATMEGA8...thanx Vikas...But again...just getting the chip's not the whole thing done...I again request you all to post some article on how to use this chip, a suitable "tested" programmer circuit for ATMEGA8...and the related software(s)...Though I got some of the circuits, but i doubt they would work...I put one of the links here...

    Please also suggest some circuits for AVR (general)....


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    Default well

    The mega series is compaitable with the pony prog series of programmer ... try to make taht one and download the latest pony prog 2000 to use it with .

    Ive tested it with mega8535 with the sck inverted setting .

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    Hi Vikas,
    me starting with the AVR series ... just completed the reading of ATmega32 datasheet & AVR instruction set.... hell of a reading

    I'm using WinAVR to write codes....AVR Studio to simulate but is facing a peculiar problem.... in the AVR studio simulator the UBRRH & UCSRC always have the same value , the register select high bit is not working properly as in the how am I gonna simulate / test the USART code ??? I need help please reply at the earliset

    Anyway, I just happened to get hold of a couple of mega 32 chips ... these are pretty cool

    ATmega32L - 8PI
    32K Flash
    2.7V - 5.5 V
    2K SRAM
    8 MHz Max
    32 I/O Lines
    1 X 16 Bit & 2 X 8 bit timers
    4 PWM channel
    8 Channel ADC
    3 Ext Intr
    40 pin DIP package
    Sumandeep Banerjee
    M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur,
    B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack
    Hi Vidur,

    Here you are 0in%20C%20and%20C++.pdf

    For more books see this

    I forget to login.....
    hey can you please mail me this e book i shall thankfull to u i'm new and learning programming

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    Default Help Needed!

    Hello guys!

    I Joined this community recently. I am kinda a robotics enthusiast. Wanted to know how I can start off making my own robots?

    Maybe a few pointers might help.

    By the way, I'm a resident of Bangalore.

    Thanks Guys

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    Hi Tats!
    Welcome to the Forum.
    I suggest that you read through the Forum posts. There are lots of stuff here, which will be of great help to you.

    Ask, only if you have any specific query or problem.
    Good Luck!
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    Default Affordable Robotic Platform (ARP) Robot

    I am from Secunderabad, freelance writer and author interested in electronics, building small gadgets, and now in robotics.

    Built a light following robot and is working fine. Now I want to build more sophisticated robots.

    Read about the ARP and the interest taken by you to develop a robot for less then Rs 2000 is to be appreciated

    This project will help many beginners to build robots at a reasonable cost.

    I am new to programming and ARP will help me learn about programming.

    Checked up the web site of robotkits but this ARP is not shown.

    When will this kit be available?

    Waiting for your reply

    Warm Regards
    A. S. Bhasker Raj
    Mobile: 09247332574

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