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Thread: servo help

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    wat about the control signal?????can i give it directly from the microcontroller??? I saw one guy use some fast recovery it required???

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    well i can feel sumthng vibrating inside but that vibration can be felt only with vcc given and no control signal

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    guyz even i hav same prob wit vts-08a servo(i need 4 servo 2 control robotic arm for ma project )... as someone mentioned its bcos ,that vts servo are not standerdzied......where i can get standard servo like hitech or futaba servo motors in india..????

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    The VTS-0XXx from Vegakit is junk!! :evil: They're ripping off students with a local substandard servo.
    I have 13 good 'vibrators' out of the 15 bought servos (over the counter @ Gala, Mumbai).
    I endorse Allbits' advise , as i have done the same....a glorified gear motor for 800 bucks!! ....and they don't provide any specs/details of it.
    ^Anything is possible..
    after YOU prove it!!

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    hey I finally got my hand on a oscilloscope i checked my signal

    when i give it a signal of about 4.5ms high in 20ms pwm

    it gives a rotation of somewat 100 degrees(its a 180 degree servo)

    which makes me feel that instead of 1-2ms high period it has a diff high period for position control

    ne idea??? of any such motors which have a diff pwm requirements

    ps: i applied same pwm to futabaa s 3001 it gives full 180 degree rotation

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    Whats the brand of the 4-5ms servo?

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    hello friendz... as i told i hav vts-08a servo ... can i modify t atleast 4 continuos rotation .. ? n how?plz reply..

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    Default vts-o8b

    just take a look at my VTS-08B post , ull get all ur answers

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    thankz guyz 4 ur help .. i bought hitech servo and is working ... then i found the problem wit vts servo also just need 4 provide the power supply wit proper current rating;;;

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